Passive Income Milestones

I was on the wrong track.  Work was consuming all of my waking hours, and my house was a time and money sink hole.  I was angry and frustrated.  I wanted out

I looked at my most recent bank statement.  Last month I had earned $0.06 in interest.  6 cents?!  I was doomed!

I had a mortgage and a student loan.  Most of my savings was locked up in my 401k or home equity, and the value of the latter was highly questionable

I needed some passive income.  Who wants to continue trading hours for dollars, when money can magically appear in your bank account while you sleep?  The late night infomercials promised over night success

Of course like most good magicians, behind the illusion is years of hard work, dedication, and practice.  It is one thing to understand how to earn income while you lounge on the beach, and another to make it happen

But if you are diligent and overcome the challenges, one can go from being burdened by debt to having assets that earn more than your cost of living in a relatively short period of time.

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Taipei Traditional Markets

Taipei Traditional Market

Street Market

Exploring Taipei, you never know what is around the next corner.  It could be a beautiful modern building, an ancient traditional temple, or more likely both of them side by side.  Taipei has embraced the hustle and bustle of modern capitalism, and yet maintained traditional, more personal ways of doing business

Just a 5 minute walk from our apartment is a long standing traditional market.  Vendors as old as the market itself arrive daily to sell fresh produce and freshly slaughtered meat, the way their parents did business, all in the shadow of one of the world’s tallest buildings

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New Year’s Eve in Taipei and 2015 Resolutions

The Big Stage

The Big Stage

Taipei puts on one hell of a New Year’s Eve party.  A large portion of the core downtown is blocked off to make room for a monster sized stage.  All of the biggest names in music and the big screen take a turn at entertaining the massive crowds.

The entire regional supply of spotlights and lasers, and some seriously heavy bass, guide you to the epicenter from miles away

And to top it all off, there is a fireworks show using one of the world’s tallest buildings as a launch platform

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Reader Financial Review: Scared to Death of Early Retirement

financialreviewWelcome to the First Official Go Curry Cracker Financial Review! In a series of new posts, I will review the financial situation of an anonymous reader, and provide actionable recommendations

The lucky winner of our Financial Review goes to reader Bob. We exchanged many emails over the holidays, and put together a great plan that will help Bob and his wife overcome their financial concerns, retire earlier, and save $1.5 million or more in taxes

Along the way we learn about RMDs, and the sweet deal that Federal employees have  in terms of pension and health benefits

Hey Jeremy and Winnie

Love your site! My wife and I have been talking about ER for some time now but are scared to death of running out of money and are worried we haven’t saved enough.  Your tax-free approach is a different take of which you don’t hear a lot of folks talking about.  I just turned 57 and she is 54.  Getting a little freaked out about retiring at this age.  ;)

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Travel Hacking: Grandma is Coming to Town

Let's Go Places! (photo from Wikimedia)

Destination, Taipei! (photo from Wikimedia)

My grandmother turns 80 years old this year, and still lives in the town where both she and I grew up, population 20,000.  She has never had a passport, and never been outside the United States.

Since my grandfather passed away about a year ago, she has been stretching her wings a bit.  She’s since been to California and Florida to visit a couple of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren

There are about 30 of us grandchildren in total, and another 30 or so great-grandchildren (I’ve lost count.)  That’s a lot of kids, but it seems she is still excited to add one more, probably because I am her favorite ;)  It would be a shame for her to be unable to see and hold GCCjr because of cost and distance, so I’m flying my Grandma and my Mother to Taipei to see GCCjr in May

With a total price tag of $457.40, why not?

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