Getting Lucky


What is it exactly? Per the Oxford Languages Dictionary, luck is “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.”

It was recently suggested that we may have been the beneficiaries of luck, which is why we are able to enjoy the lifestyle to which we have become accustomed. And given that this is the product of chance, it is irresponsible or misleading to suggest that others could do the same if only they made similar choices.

Is that an accurate statement? Let’s explore.


GCC Asset Allocation 2023

We have been living off our portfolio since late 2012 (~11 years.)

Life has evolved substantially in that time – we started as 2 carefree kids exploring the globe. Now we have 2 carefree kids and live in the suburbs.

Our core portfolio, on the other hand, has remained largely consistent… with the exception of adding a significant real-estate component (our house.)

I’ve updated some charts and created some new ones so we can all see what happened.


Big Spending, Little Income

When you work for a living it is important to live within your means. Every budget and finance tool available will scream at you if spending exceeds income.

In retirement, it is also important to live within your means. But your means is no longer tied to income. In fact, there is zero relationship between income and spending when you are living off assets.


Go Curry Cracker 2022 Taxes

2022 was our first full year back in the United States, which means we were fully in the crosshairs of the 3 US tax systems: Federal, State, and ACA.

One might think this would result in a large tax burden. But no.

Although the incentives have certainly changed.


Reflections of 2022 – Adjusting to Life in the US

The California Coast is nice

Every year I write a summary of our life and expenses, with the exception of last year / 2021 (because apparently I forgot.)

2022 was our 10th full year of unconventional living – we traveled some (Hawaii, California coast, Yosemite, Tahoe Thanksgiving, Disneyland), Winnie grew a ton of food and flowers, I built some stuff out of wood, and we went snowboarding often throughout this epic/record snow season. I also experimented with income generation (didn’t like it), home maintenance (renting is still better), and public speaking.

Expenses were what they were… a bit more than planned, but that is how these things go sometimes.