Self Storage is for Suckers

We walk through row upon row of orange corrugated metal doors.  The motion sensors finally detect our presence and the fluorescent tube lighting kicks in, casting eery shadows everywhere around the concrete structure.  The person guiding us opens one of the doors and shows us a 5’x5′ space, maybe 8 feet high.  “This unit is $65 a month.  We keep the temperature between 60 and 80 degrees year round.  The security cameras, access codes, and on site manager ensure your items are secure.”  As we enter the elevator to leave, we joke that the flashing lights make it feel like there is a radiation leak and we are descending into a bomb shelter.  I think this is where stuff goes to die

Where Stuff Goes to Die


The Joy of A Car Free Lifestyle

Road RageIt’s raining, and traffic is at a stand still.  Today it seems as if everybody decided to simultaneously get on the highway.  A driver to my left is yelling at the car in front of him as he repeatedly looks at his watch.  A few cars up, a driver is trying to merge to the left, inconveniently blocking the carpool lane.  The bus driver honks, and I go back to reading my book.


Why Do You Travel?

10:00 pm.  Maybe I should go home, its been a long day at the office since I got here at 8 this morning.  It’s been a busy few months actually.  A trip to Japan, a trip to Korea, a couple days in China, several late night conference calls, and email from the time I rise until the time I go to bed, 7 days a week.  I do some of my best problem solving while in the shower and in my restless sleep, and on those 16 hour international flights