An Excellent Session of Cupping Therapy

For years, I would sit at work with hunched shoulders, counting our dollars and contemplating our early retirement and world travel plans

No longer do I obsess about the value of our portfolio, but I have yet to completely shake the Mr. Burns hunch.  Sometimes after long guitar sessions, writing a blog post, or hours of practicing Chinese writing, I can feel that old work tension creep into my shoulders and upper back

This Guy Needs a Massage

This Guy Needs a Massage

Doing a little yoga or getting a massage helps, but some of those knots are deep, built up over years. It isn’t something a 90 minute massage is going to completely work out

So I decided to give something else a try… so I signed up for a session of Chinese Cupping Therapy.  When in Rome…


Another 3 Meals in Taipei, Taiwan

Exploring the numerous Taipei dining options is a big task.  Thousands of restaurants, food carts, and street vendors offer nearly every dish from across the globe, making it possible to have a hamburger, hummus, and haggis all in the same day.

Buy we are in Asia, so let’s feast Asian style!

Here are 3 more great meals we’ve shared in Taipei


It’s All Chinese To Me

Oh yeah, give me some of those dumplings

Oh yeah, give me some of those dumplings!

“I’d like some dumplings, please.”

“Why, are you tired?”

“What?  No, I’m hungry.  I just want to buy some dumplings.”

“But I sell dumplings, why would I want to buy some?”

“Arghhhh!  Forget it, just give me some noodles”

Learning Chinese is difficult enough without having to do so on an empty stomach.