Birthing Babies for Fun and Profit

Modern Medicine, Traditional Care

Modern Medicine, Traditional Care

“I think it is time,” Winnie said as she woke me

Adrenaline shot into my body, and I sprang into action like a headless chicken.  Get dressed.  Grab the bag of clothes we had prepared in advance.  Fill a water bottle.  Throw a bag of snacks into the backpack.

OK, we are all set to go to the hospital.  What have I forgotten?  There is something…. Oh, the wife!

We slowly walked the two blocks to the hospital, stopping every few minutes for the contractions to pass

My Mandarin isn’t very good, especially at 4 am, but I made out a few phrases… “…you walked here…?”  “…probably too early…”

After a quick check the nurse sent us home with some clear instructions for when to return