Obamacare, Expats, and Limitations on Visits Home

Welcome Home?

Welcome Home? (photo credit)

US citizens living abroad are not required to purchase health insurance as outlined in the Affordable Care Act, often affectionately referred to as Obamacare.

The definition of “living abroad” is clear; nomads such as ourselves are limited to visiting the US for no more than 35 days every 12-months, else we are required to purchase minimum essential care insurance policies on a Health Exchange.

Were we actually in the US, we would do just that. But these policies provide no coverage for routine care Internationally, let alone across multiple States, which makes them effectively useless for our lifestyle. Thus the purpose of an exemption.

But limiting visits to the US to 35 days every 12 months seems awfully restrictive. If I wanted limitations in life, I would just get a job. So what is going to happen when we visit the US later this year for 2 to 3 months?


Why Betterment Has Zero of Our Dollars


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I’m often asked if we invest with Betterment, or if I would recommend them.

I assume this is because of their generous affiliate marketing program for personal finance bloggers, but we could generically ask, “Would I recommend using a robo-adviser?” But Betterment’s solution will make a fine reference point.

As with most things, there are pros and cons. But for the purpose of discretely foreshadowing my conclusions:

Betterment has zero of our dollars.

That isn’t going to change.