Giveaway: $100 Airbnb Gift Card (Finished)

Welcome to the 1st ever Go Curry Cracker Giveaway, where fabulous prizes are waiting to be won!

Today’s prize is a $100 Airbnb Gift Card.

Hopefully this is both fun and rewarding. If so, I’ll do more of these in the future.

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Early Retirement on an Urban Farm

Early Retirement Urban Farm

Early Retirement on an Urban Farm

GCC: This past summer we met Mr & Mrs Crazy Kicks at the GCC Meetup in New York City’s Central Park. They introduced themselves by offering a handful of fresh picked cherry tomatoes and a fine summer ale, so of course we hit it off immediately :) Their approach to early retirement is a wonderful mix of amazing food and world travel, and I hope you enjoy learning about it as much as we did.

Early Retirement on an Urban Farm

When we got married, my wife and I made a hard plan to retire early. It was 2008, and we were both working at the same company where we’d met. It wasn’t so much the work itself as the high stress, man-child egos, and lack of vacation time that set us on a path to financial freedom. Our plan at the time was to reach financial independence then move to a homestead near a community college. My wife, who loves school, wanted to teach and we both wanted to get away from all the traffic and crowds – to slow down and grow our own food.


Is Your 401k Too Big

(This post is the 1st in a series. Subsequent posts forthcoming… soon.)

The stock market has had a pretty good run over the last 10 years or so.

If you’ve been following financial best practices by contributing to Traditional 401ks and IRAs, the odds are good that those retirement accounts are reaching lofty heights.

Is it possible that those accounts have grown too large? Is your 401k TOO BIG?


Reflections of 2017, Living More Bigly

2017 Cost of Living

Don’t Kiss Me Mom, people are watching! (Santorini, Greece)

2017 was our 5th full year of this thing we are doing. You know, life.

We completed another full circumnavigation of the globe, spending 4 months in Europe, a month in the US, 6 weeks in Japan, and the remainder in Taiwan. Along the way Jr collected his 28th passport stamp. This is the first year we intentionally remained outside the US 330+ days (cuz taxes.)

At year end, upon arrival in Taiwan we signed an 18-month lease, making it our official recharge center. Jr has started part time pre-school, and we are doing our best to be completely normal in every way that doesn’t involve going to work.

Some highlights of the year:

  • spring in Paris
  • summer in Provence
  • 10-20¢ mile valuation for Business class flights to Europe
  • 5 Free hotel nights in NYC
  • Alaska Cruise with Mom & Grandma (our first and final cruise)
  • Meeting 100+ GCC fans at meet ups across the US. (Love you guys!)
  • $5.60 Dreamliner flights to Japan
  • I bought a bike! (yeah!)
  • Oh…. and having the most expensive year of our lives….


Becoming Accustomed to Wealth

Recently I shared how, despite our aversion to employment, our net worth has continued to grow by leaps and bounds .

You may (rightfully) think this would be a cause for celebration, but writing about it surfaced a lot of old memories from a childhood of scarcity.

They say childhood poverty has profound and lasting implications. It impacts health, brain development, education, and ultimately earning potential.

I know this to be true, because it is only in the last year or two (now in my 40s) that I’ve finally (maybe?) come to peace with those implications myself.