To the Ends of the Earth (or Get Rich by Moving to Antarctica)

(GCC: During our months in Guatemala, we had some truly unforgettable experiences with new lifelong friends. I recall one guy who radiated positivity, was always up for an adventure, and was a gracious guest and generous tipper. Over a few weeks and numerous $0.50 rum & cokes, we talked at length about travel and money, and how to be better at both. I felt inspired to be more generous. He felt inspired to build a respectable “travel for life” fund. And Winnie claims to have not understood any of it, because Nick has quite the heavy Australian accent. So maybe it is a good thing that you get to read his story…. and OMG the PICTURES!!!!)

I am super honoured to be asked to write this for some definite idols of mine. (And I am not one to have many). Other than my parents, who have shown me how to be a decent human being and how to raise a family, (my life’s main goal), Jeremy and Winnie are up there. After meeting them in Guatemala, they have stood out with their ambition of living their dream. Not just because they found a way to retire early and travel, (my life’s second goal), but because they saw their dream and went for it. They didn’t get bogged down and follow the mundane society’s way of life. They are living their dream. Hopefully I am on that path now, as here I am currently working for a year at Mawson Station in Antarctica!


Completing the Q2 2018 IHG Accelerate Bonus

Welcome to Helsinki (photo by Winnie Tseng)

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A year ago we accumulated ~140,000 IHG points thanks to 2 different quarters worth of IHG Accelerate promotions and a credit card signup bonus.

Finally I get to put some of those points to use, and then replace them all again.


Mr & Mrs NYC Take On the World

(GCC: The transition from “earning and saving” to retiring (early) and “spending” is daunting for many and terrifying for some. We analyze, examine, cross-examine, think, over think, and then analyze some more… So what happens when you ultimately pull the trigger? 3 years ago I provided some feedback* to Mr & Mrs NYC as they were going through these mental gymnastics. Now, let’s check in with them as they hit their 2-year and 3-year early retirement Anniversary, respectively, and see how they managed that transition and their Escape from New York. tldr: After reading their story, I’m super jealous. What a truly amazing and rewarding life!)

(* If you haven’t read it yet, the post Reader Financial Review: Escape From New York is still one of my favorite posts on this site.)

Hello, Mr and Mrs NYC here.

A few years ago, we were in our early 40’s, married with two cats, living in NYC, and working high-pressure jobs in careers where we achieved success but not much personal fulfillment. GCC performed a financial review for us and opened our eyes to an opportunity: if we sold our Manhattan condo and moved to a lower cost of living location, we could quit our jobs immediately and live off our savings — according to the math behind the 4% rule, at least.


Never Pay Taxes Again Using Rental Properties

never pay taxes again using rental properties

(GCC: People read everything I’ve written about Real Estate and automatically assume that I believe owning real estate in any form is a terrible idea. That is understandable, but is only mostly true :) When consciously entered as a real business and with a compatible personality, rental real estate can be a capital friendly, cash flow friendly, and tax friendly path to Financial Independence. In fact, this is the approach I recommended to my own brother. Today, Coach Carson enhances our Never Pay Taxes Again series, paying no taxes with rental properties.)

Jeremy set the bar high for early retirees. While most of us aim to minimize or optimize our taxes, he wrote an article that took it to another level entirely. His crazy idea was to Never Pay Taxes Again!

After reading Jeremy’s article, I began to look more closely at my own tax returns. I realized that most years I also paid little or no income taxes. And it turns out I used the same core principles Jeremy explained, except I did it with real estate investing.

So, this is my turn to show how to never pay taxes again (or at least keep them to a minimum). I’ll build on the core principles you’ve learned from Jeremy. Then I’ll explain the nuances that make real estate both beneficial and challenging.


Teaching Kids Mathematical and Intangible Money Lessons

teaching kids money lessons

First Job: Money Model – “Like a kid in a toy store with 100 Euros and Daddy’s credit card”

(GCC: I recently asked Chief Mom Officer a very pointed question:
Winnie and I both grew up poor, and a big part of our money value system started from a place of deprivation. We ended up in the right place, but not in necessarily the healthiest way possible. Now we are raising our own family with an abundance of money and time… how to instill those same values about saving, delayed gratification, etc… in a positive and healthy way?

What recommendations would you make to families like ours?
Today’s post is the answer.)

How do you teach kids the important lessons about money, especially if you didn’t grow up with a great parental example?

Teaching your children important money lessons can be tricky. I would know. As the mother of three boys, ranging in age from 14 down to 3, I’ve had a lot of experience with teaching kids of different ages the basics of smart money management.