I swear, man, this is a true story.

A hero ventures forth… (photo courtesy of Early Retirement Dude)

[GCC: Travel has a way of opening us up to the world around us and the people in it. The connections and friendships found on the road are some of the most longstanding and powerful we have. Early Retirement Dude abides.]

Early retirees like Jeremy and Winnie and I get to travel a lot. And as you know, we like to talk about it. So hear me, O My People.

Once upon a time there was a bicycle tourist—I, your humble narrator—who was riding section four of the TransAmerica Bicycle Route from West Yellowstone, Montana to the Adventure Cyclist Association headquarters in Missoula. I’d climbed all 7,241 friggedy feet of Chief Joseph Pass in a hellacious headwind on a fully-loaded bike, and I was now laboring down the steep slopes of the Bitterroot Mountains. Yes, laboring down, because that’s how bad the headwind was. Thirty MPH? At any rate, it was impossible to coast.

It was a low, low, moment in my life. I was sweat-crusted, jelly-legged, cursing plate tectonics IN A THUNDEROUS VOICE, and as physically exhausted as I’ve ever been.

Going Cashless

Cash has to be one of my least favorite inventions of all time. I avoid using it as much as possible.

This year we had a whole slew of currencies to deal with… UK pound sterling, Euros, Polish złoty, Swedish krona, and Norwegian krone. And maybe Icelandic króna on a layover… Plus a few US Dollars…

Every time we were about to switch currencies it became clear these pieces of colored paper were doing nothing but occupying space in my wallet. So we decided to make a real go of it – could we go completely cashless?


Upward Spending Trajectory

This budget goes to 11

You may have noticed that I no longer share detailed monthly spending reports. They were super boring and nobody read them. Instead, I’ve shared our annual spending and explored costs on some of our big trips (e.g. 4 months in Europe.)

Upon reading our annual spending reports, readers sometimes come to interesting conclusions:

“OMG you spend so much more now you are going to run out of money!”

“This isn’t sustainable. You can only spend this much because you have blog income!”

“You had a kid. Have fun back at work.”

Or my most recent favorite (paraphrasing):

“This is disheartening. Your plan isn’t working. I think I’ll work longer.”

So… here are some words about that.


Growing Go Curry Cracker

Hello. Welcome back from the extended Labor Day weekend in the US. I sometimes miss this holiday, in large part because it is socially acceptable to consume excessive amounts of BBQ and beer.

It is a short work week for many, and correspondingly a slow blog week(recovering from BBQ and beer?), so there is no better time to share some interesting blog data… I know not everyone loves behind the scenes blog details. (What?!)

But here it is: Sometime today blog traffic for 2018 will exceed traffic for all of 2017. This is about 40% year-over-year growth. Blog revenue passed the previous annual record about a month ago.

Here are the details on what I did to grow Go Curry Cracker.