Screen Time

One of my personal goals for 2019 is to spend less time in front of a screen. This includes phones, laptops, and televisions. Reading books on my Kindle is still allowed.

I certainly spend way less time on a device now than I did while working, but I find that I have lost time doing mindless things that could be better spent playing guitar, exercising, cooking, reading, or spending quality time with the fam.

I view this solely as a matter of preference, choosing what to do with my waking hours. So far so good.


GCC Business Review 2018

2018 was our 6th full year of early retirement, world travel, and blogging. We’ve now been doing this longer than time spent in high school, college, or in my first real job.

Most of the content I’ve written comes from trying to figure things out for myself and our family, and then sharing the outcome. It’s helped create an exciting community of early retirees, tax geeks, expats, world travelers, nomadic families, and adventurers.

Although the blog became a profitable side business back in 2014, any financial benefit was mostly accidental. I typed some words, talked to some reporters, added some links, and (virtually) cashed some checks.

This year I put more hours into creating regular content, as I was trying to figure out a bunch of new things with taxes, travel hacking, and our life direction.

This seems to be a good approach – 2018 was the most profitable year yet.