Multi-Generational Tax Minimization

We will never have the experience of receiving an inheritance, but GCC Jr will.

In my role as fiscal steward, I would like to ensure that he, along with our other beneficiaries, receive the largest amount possible. (After we are done spending as much as we want, naturally.)

But Jr only gets what the IRS doesn’t take, so I’m taking my tax efforts to the next level: multi-generational tax minimization.

Note: The ability to withdraw funds over the beneficiaries lifetime was eliminated in the SECURE Act. Check out the details here.


Kickstart Your (Early) Retirement

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Hi Jeremy, thanks for all you do. I really appreciate everything you share on GCC. You guys are really living the dream. The thing is, we really love our life here in the US. Traveling the world and having grand adventures might be fun for a year or so, but we ultimately want to just enjoy a simple life in a (TBD) nice place in the US. I know this is different than what you guys are doing. What do you think?

Well… I have to say…