GCC Asset Allocation 2024

We have been living off our portfolio since late 2012 (~12 years.)

In that time the market has gone up and down (mostly up.) Our spending has also gone up and down (mostly up.)

Throughout it all the portfolio has remained much the same… heavy on equities, heavy on US based assets, and heavy on simplicity.

Here are some charts that explain it all.


How I Track Expenses (RIP Mint.com)

Since I was dissatisfied with our 2023 profligate spending I am going to spend a few minutes each week reviewing our total outlay.

Many people asked what process or tools I used to track expenses.

For many years I used Mint.com, but if you aren’t aware… Mint.com will cease operation on March 23, 2024. Intuit, who bought the website in 2009 and ran it into the ground, recommends moving your data to Credit Karma with reduced functionality – which seems to be all the stuff I hated about mint with none of the stuff I liked. (Screen shots and shade included in post.)

So I am going a different route – This is How I Track Expenses.