After another circumnavigation of this wonderful world we find ourselves back in Taipei, Taiwan. This time we even signed a lease.

The neighborhood is great. There is a small park next door, and we are within a 10 minute bike ride of the 2 biggest parks in the city. We are a 5 minute walk to the subway station, and 2 of the big transport corridors for bus / taxi / Uber transit are close by. A weekly public market and a grocery store are just next door, and 100s of restaurants are within 10 minutes by foot. Despite the proximity to everything, it is calm and quiet and our street is lightly trafficked.

What we really liked though was the interior.

And exterior. The attention to detail is top notch, with great air flow and lighting throughout.

View from the park

Food is a not so secret pleasure of ours which means a versatile kitchen is desirable. With a dish washer, of course.

Oven, Nuker, Etc…

Dining Table, Range, Beaucoup Storage Space

The kitchen flows into the living space for convenient hosting and entertaining.

Living Room w/ 4K TV

Now please follow me upstairs… careful not to bump your knee on the massage chair.

This way please…

After 2.5 years of co-sleeping most nights, Jr was ready for his own space. Or we were. He now has his own room for Totoro and his dinosaurs & cars.

Jr’s Room

Across the hall is the room where my new bike and (old) guitar sleep. This week I’ll morph this space into an IRS compliant tax-deductible home office. This monitor is great for spreadsheets, which means I’ll probably finally get around to some of those more mathematically intense topics I’ve been thinking about.


Let’s head back downstairs and checkout the master suite:

Master Bedroom

Need to buy more clothes (Hi Totoro!)

Master Bath

After 5 weeks in Japan, we are pretty happy to also have one of those non-iron thrones at home.

Not shown is the 3/4 bath off the living room (w/ shower) and the covered outdoor terrace with washer/dryer and storage. The basement also includes a small gym (tread mill, bike machine, etc…) and a small bike storage area.

Rent totals 73,000 TWD / month (~$2,400) (minus home office deduction) which includes all furnishings and management fee. The door guy is great, and takes care of all the common areas, package receipt, etc… He has even lent me a screwdriver a couple times already. We negotiated a week of “free rent” for a move-in window, but also paid a 1/2 month agent fee.

We’ve been here less than a month so far but it has been great. Jr is enjoying the park and regular bike rides, and we’ve all been enjoying a bit of Recharge time.

For perspective, we’ve previously rented apartments in Taipei for $1,000 and $1,400.