Why I Plan to Start an SEPP

“Isn’t a Roth conversion ladder far superior to an SEPP in every way?”

“You wrote all of this stuff about SEPPs but it is a complete waste of time, everyone should just do a Roth conversion ladder.”

“Thanks for the SEPP Calculator but isn’t a Roth conversion ladder more flexible?”

All good questions / comments, of course. The Roth conversion ladder is a great option to access retirement accounts before age 59.5. But some people will still find that the SEPP is better suited to their wants / needs.

Me, for example.


The Go Curry Cracker 2023 Taxes

2023 was our second full year back in the US where we were subject to the 3 overlapping tax systems – Federal, State, and ACA.

In theory this could mean that we would have a high tax burden.

But in practice we paid practically zero, with more opportunities to save next year.


IRA Withdrawals Before Age 59.5

At age 59.5, all access restrictions to 401ks and IRAs are removed.

Sometimes people want to retire before then. (Hard to believe, I know.)

But what if most/all of your savings and investments happen to be in a retirement account? Or you prefer to hang on to the investments in your taxable account?

Fortunately there are a few options to tap retirement accounts early and penalty-free.


Defend Your Favorite Blogger (Me!) From Illegal Witch Hunt (April Fools)

I have been a staunch defender of YOUR rights to pay the least amount of taxes possible.

The bureaucrats and swamp creatures in DC don’t like it and have taken steps to shut down my free speech.

The IRS has been running a totally ILLEGAL WITCH HUNT and trying to stop this blog, threatening me with HUGE fines and jail time.

But I won’t STOP fighting for YOU!