Travel the World

Travel the World

“I wish I could do what you guys are doing!  I just can’t afford it, travel is too expensive!”

This is a common topic of discussion with friends and strangers alike.  It’s especially interesting with strangers

John and Mary had the dream vacation planned, 9 days to a beach resort in Mexico.  It had been awhile since the last getaway, and they really deserved some time away where they could totally unwind and relax.  They had the plane tickets ready to go and a room reserved with a balcony overlooking the ocean.

Saturday morning they took a taxi to the airport for an early flight, which ensured they would get to the hotel around check-in time.  The resort had a car waiting for them at the airport, and they were on the beach with Piña Coladas in hand by 5.  The sunset from the outdoor resort restaurant was beautifully romantic, and the steak, lobster, and bottle of wine were delectable.  The Parisian trained chef even sent over a crème brûlée for dessert, gratis.

The rest of the trip passed in a flash; a trip to the spa, a shopping trip to the artisan market, a guided tour of the local ruins, amazing dinners and wine, drinks by the pool…  it was a week to remember.

Sunday morning, it was a little difficult getting up early for the flight back home, but there were meetings to attend in the morning.  But just wait until they could share their stories with coworkers over coffee!

Total cost: $3,950
Flights: $1,200
Hotel: $1,600 ($200 a night / 8 nights)
Dining and drinks: $700
Spa: $200
Shopping: $150
Taxi: $100

Not to mention that all of the regular bills needed to be paid: the mortgage, the car payments and insurance, cell phone bills, etc…

But don’t worry, they can afford it

The island beach vacation is a fairly typical dream vacation, and it is from this that people say, “Travel is so expensive!” Maybe people assume that a 10-week trip is just 10 times more expensive than a 1-week trip.

This one 9-day vacation would pay for nearly TWO months of our own travels, and we are living the dream vacation

When you are able to slow down and get off the beaten path, luxurious low cost travel opportunities are everywhere.

For the price of 3 nights in a hotel in New York City, we stayed for a month in a luxury condo in one of the most expensive cities in Mexico. For the price of lunch at Applebee’s or Chili’s, we have had amazing 5-star dinners. And since we don’t have a house or car “back home” we don’t have any recurring expenses other than those directly related to our travels.  Our cost of living on the road is less than it was in Seattle

Since we can travel any day of the week, we don’t pay peak travel costs. Renting for a month is substantially cheaper on a daily basis than renting for the week. Eating where locals eat provides great food at a fraction of the resort prices.  It really is cheaper to travel

By being transparent about our expenses, by making it easier to plan for long term travel, maybe a few more John’s and Mary’s will be able to extend those vacations from 9-days to a lifetime.