Lessons From Japan’s Lost Decade(s)

Lesson's from Japan's Lost Decades

Following an epic collapse of double bubbles in the stock market and real estate prices, Japan “suffered” 2+ decades of stagnation and deflation.

You would be hard pressed to find somebody who hasn’t at least heard of Japan’s Lost Decade(s.) It’s a popular topic people raise as soon as our early retirement and living off an investment portfolio comes up in polite conversation.

“Oh man, what are you doing to do when the United States (inevitably) experiences it’s Lost Decade(s)?!”

“20 years of 0% investment performance is bound to put a dent in your retirement plans, hehe”

“I want to retire early too but I’m really concerned about a Japan-style financial collapse. What can I do?”

That last question is probably the best – What lessons can we learn from Japan’s challenging times?


Reflections of 2019 – Normality (and Other Life Changing Events)

Nice view! – Bali

2019 was our 7th full year of post-work life and probably our most “normal” year to date – we lived in a normal city, Jr went to a normal school, and we did normal life things. It was nice. And different.

We did manage ~5 weeks of travel vacation (Thailand, Vietnam, Bali) and I took most of the summer off from anything with a screen, which was also very wholesome and normal and nice.

So of course something happened that will completely change our lives, forever.


“Free” Coffee For Life

Sometime recently there was a big hubbub about a personal finance personality saying, and I do paraphrase, “If you didn’t spend $5/day on coffee you would have $1 million at retirement.” (Orman, maybe?)

Anyhoo, the responses went something like:

“You can’t save your way to wealth!”

“Nobody gets rich saving $5!”

“F you! I like my coffee!”

My response was a little more incredulous… “Coffee costs $5?!”