I’ve read a lot of books in my day. A large part of childhood was spent with my nose firmly between the pages of one tome or another. I loved how the Hardy Boys and Sherlock Holmes discovered the truths hidden behind deception and clever disguise, and the worlds where magic and sorcery were more powerful than science.

Whenever my mind grabbed hold of a new interest, it was the library that enabled me to share the experience and knowledge of my elders and superiors. Through books I learned about the brave adventurers who explored our planet and those nearby, the inventors who pioneered new industries and created the futuristic world of today, and how there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

So it is no surprise that when I first started to think about investing and early retirement, I returned to the library. I’ve read hundreds of books on topics as broad as personal finances, taxes, stocks, bonds, stock options, clever real estate investing, and more.

Why then is my list of recommended books so short?

In finance writing and industry, complexity is preferred to simplicity. Deception and disguise are the norm (small print anyone?) The only magic is the sleight of hand directing us into the embrace of an expensive financial advisor under the guise of education.

And perhaps most egregious of all crimes, the writing is terribly dull. I almost want to pay a high priced charlatan just to make the boring books go away.

So it is no small thing when I say that JL Collins has delivered a book that I will happily be gifting to friends and family for years to come.

The Simple Path to Wealth is a quick and joyful read that leaves complexity at the wayside, explaining the process of investing and wealth building in a way that is both simple and easy to implement. If you’ve read JL Collins’ Stock Series, much of The Simple Path to Wealth will seem familiar, if not more refined.

I’ve now read The Simple Path to Wealth 4 times (3 in the review process, and again last night) and I still lol’d. That JL Collins is a clever chap.

Who else would compare buying stocks to pouring beer, offer the psychological boost of “Toughen up, cupcake”, and prove that his way works by showing you how he did it all wrong?

But my favorite part is that I now have an easy answer to the common questions:

“How do I get started with investing?”

“I know I need to invest, but I’m not sure how to get started.”

“Is there a book you would recommend that can help us invest in a way to create a Go Curry Cracker lifestyle?”

If you are asking similar questions, or if you are looking for an elegant guide to investing and wealth building, The Simple Path to Wealth would be a lovely addition to your library. Had this book been available 15 years ago, it would have certainly accelerated our own path to a rich, free life.