And then they were Four…

We recently welcomed our 2nd child into the world. Mom, baby, and big brother are doing well.

Here are a few obligatory baby photos, and for those interested, a cost breakdown and overview of a Taiwan birth and luxury postpartum experience.


“Free” Coffee For Life

Sometime recently there was a big hubbub about a personal finance personality saying, and I do paraphrase, “If you didn’t spend $5/day on coffee you would have $1 million at retirement.” (Orman, maybe?)

Anyhoo, the responses went something like:

“You can’t save your way to wealth!”

“Nobody gets rich saving $5!”

“F you! I like my coffee!”

My response was a little more incredulous… “Coffee costs $5?!”


GCC Business Review 2019

2019 was our 7th full year of this bizarre little life experiment we are doing. So far, so good.

The majority of what I write here on Go Curry Cracker is driven by my figuring this all out as we go. Thankfully a lot of other people are also making their own way as early retirees, travel hackers, tax geeks, expats, world travelers, nomadic families, and adventurers, and we are able to contribute to our collective well-being in some small way.

This year my attention seemed to be grabbed by:

  • tax optimization,
  • portfolio longevity/growth,
  • the mental transition from employment to fun-employment,
  • biking,
  • the lost art of laziness and un-productivity.

Based on this year’s blog traffic and profit numbers, perhaps too much on those last two. :p