Coming to America

For years we have comfortably resided abroad, enjoying a royal lifestyle that included fine dining, a deluxe apartment in the sky, a nanny, quality affordable health care, and frequent visits to the country club. And for the most part we even lived in a COVID-free oasis.

So of course we abandoned all of that and returned to the US.


Playing With House Money

Twice in my lifetime I have sauntered up to a Vegas craps table with a crisp new $100 bill, taken the dice in my hands, and rolled my way to big money – free flight and hotel nights thanks to Lady Luck. (*)

On both occasions, once well ahead, I very carefully tucked a $100 chip into my wallet. Going forward, win or lose, I was playing with house money.

Now… thanks to a robust stock market I’m once again playing with house money. Literally.


GCC Business Review 2020

2020 was our 8th full year of life beyond work. After all this time I still feel it is pretty nice.

This year was a bit more disorganized than most, simply because the year was more chaotic – a global pandemic and the birth of our 2nd child may have been contributing factors. As such, 2020 content was more wide than deep. Topics covered include:

Each year we’ve also shared detailed income and blog traffic data – I always suspected that during a big recession readership and income on a blog such as this would plummet. If there are no capital gains, there isn’t much interest in tax optimization. If you can’t or won’t travel, travel hacking isn’t the most exciting topic.

Let’s just say that I was pleasantly surprised on both counts.