“Are you available for a paid phone call / video chat?”


Fee: I charge $500 for a 1-hour(+) conversation, payable in advance. That is a small 0.05% of a $1 million portfolio. Plus, what is piece of mind worth, really?

Preparation: I ask that you prepare 90 minutes worth of questions, and email them in advance. This ensures we are both ready for a fruitful discussion.

Expectations: We have 7+ years of experience with early retirement, world travel, tax minimization, and travel hacking. Sometimes reviewing things with somebody who has “been there, done that” is the best thing to finalize a plan.

Format: I’m on Skype and Hangouts.

Disclaimer: I am just a random guy on the Internet with no qualifications whatsoever. You are responsible for your own decisions, investment and otherwise.

Guarantee: If you aren’t completely satisfied I’ll issue a full refund, no questions asked. If you plan to be dissatisfied, our conversation won’t help you. All conversations are confidential.

Alternatives: The Go Curry Cracker Community Forum is a useful and free resource for questions and feedback.

Skepticism: Do people really pay for consulting? Yes and no – most people prefer a focused and individualized conversation but settle for the forum.

To get started: 

  1. Email me with:
    • the details of your financial situation
    • an outline of your (retirement) goals and ambitions
    • list of questions
    • 3 recommended 90-minute timeslots in GMT+8 timezone. Best times for me are 10am – 3 pm GMT+8 M-F.
    • your skype or hangouts contact information
  2. Submit payment with a note that this is for a GCC consult

I will review your submission and reply or refund within 1 week. Not all submissions are accepted, sorry.