I have been a staunch defender of YOUR rights to pay the least amount of taxes possible.

The bureaucrats and swamp creatures in DC don’t like it and have taken steps to shut down my free speech.

The IRS has been running a totally ILLEGAL WITCH HUNT and trying to stop this blog, threatening me with HUGE fines and jail time.

But I won’t STOP fighting for YOU!

Defend Your Favorite Blogger

We are all victims here, which is why I need your help… to raise awareness and raise capital for legal defense.

The IRS runs a shadow court system of unelected officials who are trying to silence me and the GCC tax minimization way.

The only way to beat these unethical thugs is in the court of public opinion and through a solid legal defense with the very best legal and tax advisors.

That’s where YOU come in… good people who aren’t afraid to push back and do what is RIGHT!

Can you send just $100 our way to BATTLE this oppressive regime? $100 to you might be just a few lattes or a slice of avocado toast but in the hands of our legal experts can represent THOUSANDS of tax savings for our fellow REAL Americans.

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WE can’t let these politicians in Washington control what can be said and shared!

Just last week a guy came up to me – big, strong guy.. biker type, never cried a day in his life, very comfortable with sharing his feelings with strangers… and he says to me, tears in his eyes… last year I paid $0 in taxes and did my first ever Roth conversion… I never could have done this without YOU, you are my hero…  I could share a thousand stories like this one… but those stories will STOP without your DONATiON

For YEARS I have shared our tax returns… but this year I cannot because we are under AUDIT. I cannot believe I am even saying this… These bureaucrats have NO DECENCY and will use these UNETHICAL tactics that are absolutely unAmerican.

Tax fraud photo with grunge effect

When this blog was small and unknown we could be ignored… but now they feel THREATENED and that is why WE must ACT

They knew as soon as I started running for city council that I would start to use the power of government for THE PEOPLE, for YOU

NOT only are our 1st Amendment rights under threat, but our 5th Amendment, 16th Amendment, 22nd Amendment, and 28th Amendment rights are under FULL ASSAULT

I care about the Constitution and this abuse cannot go unchecked

I know that tax code better than anybody, but unlike the career politicians I use that knowledge to help YOU and the common people rather than my BILLIONAIRE FRIENDS and Donors.

Together we will shut down this unlawful grasp for power to SILENCE me and like-minded friends like you

Thousands march in Staten Island. Blurred Background.


SEND ME MONEY! You can do IT.





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