At a Crossroads

At a Crossroads, Oaxaca, Mexico

April started off with a bang with a lighthearted jest at the consumer lifestyle for April Fool’s Day.  The range of responses from friends, family, and fellow travelers was exciting to see.  I don’t think anybody truly believed we were calling it quits, but it certainly made people think for a minute 😀

While April was an average month of spending, it was a record month for the Go Curry Cracker blog.  We had a record high number of daily page views (815), a record high number of monthly page views (4,674), a record high in ad revenue (a whopping $3.24!), and a new high in subscribers through RSS feeds, Facebook, and Twitter.

We also did our first interview for another website (no, not CNN) and hopefully that will be live sometime soon.  I hope that means people like what they are reading.  If so, tell your friends.  If not, tell your friends anyway

On to the expenses…

Consistently our months in Mexico have come in around $80/day in total travel spending, including our completely unnecessary health insurance. April was no different with spending of $84/day

In total we spent $1047 on housing.  We finished out our stay in Puerto Escondido in our casita rental, spent 9 days in a homestay in Oaxaca, and then rented a room in a school in San Cristobal for a week.  Except for the PE rental, in hindsight we overpaid by a good margin for the rest of our housing.  The homestay was $38/night, including breakfast, and was easily overpriced by at least $10.  The room in San Cristobal was $35 a night.  It had a decent view but was otherwise disappointing.  This should have cost at most $15 a night.  It was our first experience getting a place via, and we’ll be more cautious with that tool in the future

Total spending on alcohol was $74.  $26 of this was spent in one night while watching the Peru vs. Mexico soccer match at a couple bars in Oaxaca, and the rest was spent $2 or $3 at a time with a beer or glass of wine with dinner.

Despite our grand experiment in the first half of the month where we cut our food spending in half, we still spent $12/day/person on food (a 20% reduction over last month.)  Even though our homestay in Oaxaca included breakfast, I included the full cost of our stay there as housing.  We haven’t had a kitchen since Puerto Escondido, so we’ve eaten out more and have managed to have some fairly expensive meals.  My personal favorite was at the French restaurant Pierre in San Cristobal, where we had Duck with Fig Sauce and Filet Medallions in an Orange Sauce.  Both were amazing and at a reasonable price of about $20 an entrée, plus wine ($10) and tip.

Duck with Fig Sauce (like sex on a plate)

Duck with Fig Sauce (like sex on a plate)

We spent $186 on taxis and buses.  About $63 of this was just getting around the various cities by city bus and taxi, and two very long cross-country rides

The ride from Puerto Escondido to Oaxaca was a grueling 6 hours in a small van through winding mountain roads, with a driver who believed he was paid extra for early arrival.  This is a ride that is best done on an empty stomach, and if you have a fear of dying in a car accident… it may be best to fly.  I definitely would not have attempted to pass slower vehicles in 90% of the situations where our driver did, with no view around the coming turns.  But he’s an expert…

The ride from Oaxaca to San Cristobal was an overnight ride on a first class bus, and we actually slept quite well through much of the ride.  We arrived at around 6:00 am the next morning and the driver had to wake us to get off the bus

  • Puerto Escondido to Oaxaca, 6 hours, 170 pesos each (~$14)
  • Oaxaca to San Cristobal de Las Casas, 12 hours, 570 pesos each (~$47)

We did a few tours, to see the baby tortugas in PE ($26), to the ruins of Monte Alban ($18), and a boat tour of Sumidero Canyon ($46.)  We purchased a nice hand made silver ring with a moonstone ($25) and some replacement clothing ($20.)  We also spent ~$33 on filing our 2012 taxes.  In all likelihood, 2012 will be the last year in which will have to pay any tax at all.  The remainder of our dollars were spent on miscellaneous things like laundry and shampoo and other normal stuff.

Thankfully there were no odd or unexpected expenses this month

LocationMexicoPuerto Escondido, Oaxaca, San Cristobal de Las Casas
Housing$1,047Rental in PE, Homestay in Oaxaca, room rental in San Cris
Healthcare$233Our Monthly HDHP Premium
Transportation$1861st class travel from PE to Oaxaca & Oaxaca to San Cris
Dining Out$618$20/day
Misc$222Tortugas, Monte Alban, Sumidero Canyon
Total$2,511$84 a day

We are still living the dream in a luxurious fashion for less than our regular comfortable and enjoyable life back in Seattle

More on the interview:  We met a young German traveler who is making a film about his travels through Mexico, having great success with Couchsurfing and having a great time on $300 a month.  Check out his site to learn more

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Wearing My Sunday Best




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