How much does it cost for 2 people to travel permanently while living the good life?  The table below includes every  penny spent since we departed the United States.  More details are available in the dedicated monthly posts linked at the top of each column

Everything we are doing is repeatable.  Whether you want to plan a 5-star travel life, you intend to slum it, or you just want to participate in the popular sport of fiscal voyeurism, our spending data is on full display. Hopefully it will help you plan a life of travel and adventure.

It’s a small world. We hope to see you out there

Jeremy & Winnie
Go Curry Cracker!

2014 Annual ExpensesThrough the end of December 2014 (24 months in total) we have averaged travel spending of ~$108/day or ~$3,800/month.  This included health insurance through the end of November 2013, when we decided to self-insure (after 6 months in Taiwan, Winnie now has full health and dental insurance for about $12.50/month, while I remain self-insured)

Full details of every dollar spent are shared in the tables below, as well as in our detailed monthly expenses reports. You can also see our easy to read annual summaries for 2013 and 2014

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Sept 2014Oct 2014Nov 2014Dec 2014
Dining Out$653$918$763$739
Monthly Travel$2,555$4,668$5,272$4,008
Cumulative Travel$65,023$69,691$74,963$78,971
Cumulative $/day$108
Annual Run Rate$39,485
Net worth to sustain at 4%$987k

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May 2014June 2014July 2014Aug 2014
Dining Out$931$921$956$797
Monthly Travel$3,861$4,244$3,470$3,429
Cumulative Travel$51,325$55,570$59,039$62,468

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Jan 2014 Feb 2014Mar 2014Apr 2014
LocationMexico, CubaTaiwanTaiwanTaiwan
Dining Out$1,394$719$730$767
Monthly Travel$3,639$3,499$3,338$3,561
Cumulative Travel$37,067$40,566$43,905$47,464

We’ve had additional nonrecurring and/or atypical expenses: (full details in the monthly posts)

Sep - Dec 2013Sept 2014Oct 2014Nov 2014Dec 2014
Other Expenses$318$185$705$135
Total Monthly Spending$2,874$4,853$5,977$4,143
Cumulative Spending$83,080$87,933$93,910$98,053
Cumulative $/day$134
May - Aug 2014May 2014Jun 2014Jul 2014Aug 2014
Other Expenses$531$2,968$0$7,165
Total Monthly Spending$4,392$7,212$3,470$10,594
Cumulative Spending$58,931$66,142$69,612$80,206
Jan - Apr 2014Jan 2014Feb 2014Mar 2014Apr 2014
Other Expenses$0$1,537$0$0
Total Monthly Spending$3,639$5,036$3,338$3,561
Cumulative Spending$42,605$47,641$50,979$54,539


  1. Crystal

    Dear Jeremy and Winnie,
    I’ve been reading many of your posts, since my husband and I are planning to travel around the world like you guys starting next year. 😉 As I read your posts about finances, I don’t see you talking about costs relating to children in your forward projections.
    We’re planning to have kids in about two years, and we realize we might have to settle down in one place once we have children in order to provide a stable environment for education and their friends, social environment, etc. Not to mention, it looks like it will cost a lot to raise kids. So, we were wondering if you guys have any tips to share. Do you guys plan to have kids? If so, have you planned for the expenses of raising children, and do you think you’ll keep traveling while raising them? Thanks!

  2. arwen521

    What health insurance do you purchase for so little?

    • Go Curry Cracker

      “This included health insurance through the end of November 2013, when we decided to self-insure (after 6 months in Taiwan, Winnie now has full health and dental insurance for about $12.50/month, while I remain self-insured)”

  3. Richard Chen

    Just a quick question, how did you calculate $39,485, the annual run rate? I recently just moved to Da’an, Taipei with my family from US.

    • Go Curry Cracker

      Welcome to Taipei

      The annual run rate is 365 days/year x Cumulative $/day (avg daily spend since we retired to 12/31/2014)
      Or roughly $108/day * 365 = $39,485

  4. JB

    You spent 98K in 2014? This is a big increase from 2013 am I correct?

    • Go Curry Cracker

      98k is the total amount spent since we retired (2 years total as of 12/31/2014)

      We spent much more in 2014 than 2013, with the biggest increase coming from the IVF procedure

  5. K. Nunez

    Hi, I’m new to the blog and really enjoying it! How do you figure the net worth you need to sustain at 4% withdrawal? I am trying to figure out how much my husband and I will have to save! Thanks!

    • Go Curry Cracker

      It is 25x total annual spending

      Take your target budget, multiply by 25, and that is the minimum investments you will need

  6. Salman Kardushi

    Is food that exorbitantly expensive in Taiwan? You guys end up spending ~$500-700 per person per month, but it usually costs me about $100 to $200 in Seattle. I might reconsider Taiwan in that case.

  7. san

    looking forward to 2015 expense summary, when could we expect it?

    • Go Curry Cracker

      Soon. I think.

  8. Vinc

    What about 2015? Curious how kids and renting two places (Taipei apartment and Airbnb during travel) increase the budget

    • Go Curry Cracker

      I’ll get this up someday in the near future.

      But we didn’t rent a Taipei apartment and Airbnb. We had only one at a time.

      • Vinc

        How do you do that? Do you sublease the apartment every time you take a trips?

        • Go Curry Cracker

          The lease was up and we moved out. We are homeless.

  9. Cathleen

    I’m just starting to save and in my late 40s. It’s a long story, but big student loan, very few jobs. I’m just wondering if any of your go curry friends are Canadian? I don’t mind working another 5 yrs as I will have a pension from a university, but I’m wondering where to look for investment advice from a Canadian perspective.

    • Go Curry Cracker

      I’m a fan of Garth Turner’s Greater Fool. There are links in the side bar to investment options/recommendations.

      Beyond that I’m not sure, sorry.

      • Storugglan

        I would also recommend Canadian Couch Potato:


        There investement approach seems to be in line with yours.

  10. Nikki T

    Love the blog! Just curious which app or software you use to track expenses. Personal Capital does great for wealth tracking, but lacks in cash transactions and details. Do you use anything in addition to Personal Capital?

    • Go Curry Cracker

      Mostly I use PC, with an Excel spreadsheet as a second opinion.

      If there were one feature of PC that I would add/improve, it is better cash management. That said, cash should be a very small percentage of total spending for any US household. Use a rewards credit card instead and get free travel for the spending you are doing anyway.



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