Full Moon Over Taipei 101

Full Moon Over Taipei 101

If I had to vote for the most amazing invention of the 21st century, my vote goes to the dishwasher.  Ours has been working overtime.  Our new house is a great place for preparing meals and entertaining, and we are more than happy to have guests.

We did a lot of celebrating this month, hosting three different Christmas parties.  We also made an appearance at another Christmas party and attended the cities’ New Years Eve Celebration.

We have mostly settled in to our new place, and this should mean major purchases are behind us. We have been exploring our new neighborhood’s culinary options, primarily on foot.  Our transportation expenses reflect that, as do our expenses for dining out.

Leaving the house is already starting to become more of an expedition, and I suspect our range may shrink in inverse proportion to Winnie’s diameter.  We only have 3 more months until GCCjr joins us, and we will more than likely be spending more and more of our time at home

Our total spending this month will likely be our new baseline for Taipei, baby expenses notwithstanding.  This includes a nice boost to our purchasing power as the US Dollar has gained 5%+ against the Taiwan Dollar over the past few months, most noticeably in large fixed expenses such as rent (a ~$50 reduction.)

Here are the full details of our Taipei Cost of Living

2014 Dec monthly expenses

  • Housing –  We rent a great 1-bedroom apartment in the heart of Taipei, Taiwan. Rent is 42,000 TWD (~$1,350 a month), plus an amortized brokerage fee of 1/2 months rent (~$54)
  • Healthcare – Our only expenses this month was for 2 months of Winnie’s Taiwan health insurance.  Baby expenses are reported in “Other”
  • Transportation – We regularly ride free bikes around the city, along with buses, the subway, and taxis.  December temperatures are ideal for bike riding.  We also ride Uber from time to time.  Give it a try with a free ride
  • Groceries – For holiday meals we had a big trip to Costco and a big visit to a Traditional Market
  • Dining Out – We dined out regularly, as is our norm.  Total spent on food at restaurants, coffee shops, and pastry shops was $739 (~$12/person/day.)  Our most expensive meal for two was ~$70, which included a grilled scallop appetizer, seafood risotto, a large pork chop, salads, tea and coffee, and an incredible banana creme pie.  Our least expensive? About $3 for soy milk, steamed pork buns, and grilled flat bread with a fried egg

    Tomahawk Chop, marinated in apple cider

    Tomahawk Chop, marinated in apple cider

  • Alcohol – I had 2 beers and we bought a bottle of wine for guest for Christmas dinner
  • Entertainment – Winnie had 3 flute lessons, and downloaded a song from iTunes
  • Misc – Chinese classes, house cleaning, clothes, and random stuff are summarized in the table below
  • Other – We had two Doctor visits this month for the baby.  The first was for an extensive ultrasound, to verify everything was progressing as expected.  It was very cool to see GCCjr’s heart beat.  Winnie also had a gestational diabetes test, and made me understand in no uncertain terms that it was unpleasant.  Everything is normal on all fronts
DetailsDec 2014Notes
Housing$1,4021 bedroom apt: $1349
Amortized Broker Fee: $54
Healthcare$48W insurance: $48 (2 months)
Transportation$33Free public bikes
Typical bus ride: $0.50
Typical subway ride: $0.80
Typical taxi ride: $4
Groceries$380Includes food for Xmas party (x2)
Dining Out$739~$12/person/day
Alcohol$132xbeer, bottle of wine
Entertainment$194Flute lessons (x4): $48 per
iTunes: $1
Chinese class: $354
Chinese app: $33
Chinese text: $10
Total: $397

Xmas gifts for friends: $120
Xmas decorations: $9
Total: $129

Amortized housing: $149

Clothes and Beauty
W winter jacket: $109
W belly support: $40
W Haircut: $15
Conditioner: $11
W scarf: $8
J warm clothes: $42
Bed sheets: $35
Total: $260

Utilities & Home
Home cleaning (x3): $106
Cell phone bill: $21
Cable bill: $32
Total: $159

Thermal cup: $22
Diffuser: $22
Lip balm: $9
Total: $51

Blog: $50
Other Expenses Atypical and Nonrecurring expenses
Extensive Ultrasound$1253 hours of high pitched baby photos
Pregnancy diabetes test$101 Dr visit
Total Other Expenses$135All Baby related
Total December Expenses$4,143

With the exception of baby related expenses, I expect this level of spending is the new normal for us.

Not bad for a month with Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

2014 Dec expenses plus avg

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