Happy Birthday Winnie!

(I will trickle out 1H2015 Monthly Expense Reports over the coming weeks)

Nesting is in full effect.  Winnie is ready to pop any time now

Most of this month was spent at or near home, preparing for GCCjr’s arrival, and hosting dinner parties, including Winnie’s Birthday party.  We washed baby clothes, baked bread, and ate.  In the down time, Winnie crocheted a baby blanket

We received a few large boxes of used children’s clothing from Winnie’s friends, and now GCCjr has more clothes than Winnie and I combined.  We’ve also been gifted a few toys and some diapers, and lent a bottle steamer and small crib.

Unlike last month, March expenses were reasonable

March 2015 expenses

  • Housing – We rent a great 1-bedroom apartment in the heart of Taipei, Taiwan. Rent is 42,000 TWD (~$1,337 a month), plus an amortized brokerage fee of 1/2 months rent (~$53.)  We also have a housekeeper to help out during the pregnancy, which costs 1,100 TWD (~$35/week.)
  • Healthcare – We paid 3 months of Winnie’s Taiwan Health Insurance ($64) and she went to the Dentist ($5.) Pregnancy related expenses are included in “Other Expenses”
  • Transportation – We regularly ride bikes around the city (no longer free), along with buses, the subway, and taxis.  We also ride Uber from time to time.  Give it a try with a free ride
  • Groceries – We loaded up on Groceries this month, stocking up on Costco stuff to carry us through the next couple of months
  • Dining Out – We ate out at least once 28 days this month
  • Alcohol – A pretty dry month ($2)
  • Entertainment – Art classes and a few books
  • Misc – This is the category that lumps together random purchases. Some clothes for Winnie, lotion, and a few baby items.  This also includes nearly unlimited cell phone talk and data for 2 phones for only $22.Want similar pricing in the US?  Try Republic Wireless
    Republic Wireless Moto X $5/month. Data, Talk & Text.

  • Other – A couple Dr visits for baby monitoring, some supplements and Chinese Medicine, and the fee to freeze some of my swimmers for 2 years in case we want a GCCjr2
DetailsMar 2015Notes
Housing$1,5641 bedroom apt: $1337
Amortized Broker Fee: $53
Housekeeping: $140 (4 wks)
Internet: $32
Garbage: $2
Healthcare$68W Health Insurance: $64 (3 months)
W Dentist: $5
Transportation$38Typical public bike rental: $0.20
Typical bus ride: $0.50
Typical subway ride: $0.80
Typical taxi ride: $4
Groceries$541Big Costco trip for post-birth food: $332
Dining Out$866~$14/adult/day
Entertainment$97Art classes: $64
Cook books: $27
Ebook: $6
Misc$480Amortized housing: $151
W clothes: $72
Lotion: $64
Baby blanket: $36
Costco misc: $33
W haircut: $22
Cell phone: $22
Baby wrap: $22
Baby bathtub: $17
Baby book: $13
Express mail (visa): $10
Shampoo: $10
Plastic wrap: $5
Baby bottle: $4
Other Expenses Atypical and Nonrecurring expenses
Cryo-storage$764Storing my swimmers for 24 months
Chinese Medicine$40Herbs for post-delivery recovery
Dr visits$32every 2 weeks (3 total)
Prenatal supplements$19Life's DHA Omega-3: $19
Total Other Expenses$855
Total March Expenses$4,510

GCCjr will be here any day now.  I think we are ready.  Maybe

Washing Baby Clothes with expensive baby soap

Washing Baby Clothes with expensive baby soap

Home baked bread (recipe)

Home baked bread (recipe)

Baby Blanket by Winnie

Baby Blanket by Winnie

Dinner Party

Dinner Party

Kobe Beef "Sushi"

Kobe Beef “Sushi”

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Retire Early.

Travel the World.

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