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For the past 2 years we have moved from place to place, figuring things out as we go.  At most we had a planning horizon of 3 months, figuring out our next destination by talking with locals and other travelers

This month though, we had to make some big decisions.  First, our rental home in Taipei was put on the market, requiring us to move on. (The asking price is only $1.2 million, if you are interested)

We had the idea of traveling during the 2nd trimester of Winnie’s pregnancy, and then having a destination birth.  Things happen though, and our Doctor put Winnie on temporary bed rest for a few weeks until things stabilized (Don’t worry, all is well, but we need to take it easy.)  Winnie is now back on her feet and ready to take on the world, at least when she isn’t ravenously hungry or completely exhausted, which is about 23.5 hours out of every 24.

Given the circumstances, we did what normal people do and rented a sweet apartment for the next 12 months (stay tuned for more details.)  We will remain in Taiwan through the full term of the pregnancy, and I will be applying for residency to avoid quarterly visa runs.  Big decisions!  It is great to be flexible

Let’s review how this all impacted our spending

2014 September Monthly Expenses

  • Housing – This is our last full month in our current apartment. We move into our new place on October 10th
  • Healthcare – No health expenses this month. Baby related expenses are accounted for in the “Other” category
  • Transportation – We regularly ride free bikes around the city, along with buses, the subway, and taxis.  Cooler autumn temperatures make for some great bike riding.  We also ride Uber from time to time.  Give it a try with a free ride using this link
  • Groceries – We had a few remaining items from our Costco trip last month, and also purchased lots of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Dining Out – This includes all meals at restaurants or food ordered in, as well as coffee, bubble tea, and yummy goodness from the French bakery. This month was our least expensive month in Taipei to date, primarily due to fewer visits to higher end restaurants and a reduction in outside desserts and drinks.  Here are some examples of things we eat regularly
  • Alcohol – I enjoyed a few hard ciders
  • Entertainment – Winnie put her flute and painting classes on hold for awhile, eliminating our normal entertainment expenses. Our only real expense this month was a fee for canceling a class. Life itself is entertaining enough
  • Misc – I continue to study Chinese 3 hours a day, and purchased another text for a new semester.  This month we also had weekly house cleaning (~$36.50 / 4 hours)
  • Other – We had 2 visits to the Doctor for regular pregnancy consult, and purchased some herbs from the Chinese Medicine “Dr” and some prenatal vitamins.
DetailsSep 2014Notes
Housing$1,046Our sweet Taipei rental
Transportation$73Free public bikes
Typical bus ride: $0.50
Typical subway ride: $0.80
Typical taxi ride: $4
Dining Out$653~$10.50/person/day
Entertainment$4Life itself is entertainment enough
Painting class cancellation fee: $4
Misc$578Chinese class: $363
Home cleaning (x4): $146
Cell phone bill: $19.55
Chinese textbook: $12
Other Expenses Atypical and Nonrecurring expenses
Dr visits for pregnancy checkup$1232 Dr visits
Chinese Medicine$96
Prenatal vitamins$99
Total Other Expenses$318All Baby related
Total September Expenses$2,874

It looks like this baby is already saving us some money!

The lease on our new place will end just as GCCjr hits 6 months old.  Our current thinking is at that point we will fly to the United States, visit with family, and then roam about the US National Parks in an RV

Over the coming months I’ll focus some posts on Life in Taiwan, both on fun things for tourists to do as well as my own adventures in a foreign culture.  With less travel on our part this year, I’ll also dig deeper into the finances of early retirement and world travel

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