Oh jeez!  It’s cold out dere.  Aboot 40 below fer sure.

It’s official, our first destination on the world tour is no other than scenic Minnesota.  That’s a bit crazy, idn’t it? Between the first freeze in September and the thaw in June, it is the brave few that dare enter the middle north of the country. The locals manage to keep their blood from freezing through a combination of bizarre rituals, like fishing through holes in the ice, consuming large quantities of schnapps, and excessive niceness.

Minnesota Winter

December 3rd we leave behind our life in Seattle and board a 1-way flight to Minneapolis to share a bit of holiday time with the family.  Traveling on a weekday between Thanksgiving and Christmas is delightfully inexpensive, only $128.80 per person, and will hopefully have a little less madness than is the holiday norm.  The next time we see any of youse Minnesota people may be years from now, or on your vacation to whatever faraway land we happen to be in.  (We would be delighted to meet up on the road!)

Despite the cold, we are looking forward to some extended family time.  With no return ticket and no hard schedule, we can enjoy a visit without the usual frenetic pace.  Since our last visit, there have been a few new additions to the family and a few little ones that have grown taller and more verbose.  There are also a few grey hairs that we may see for the last time.

The cycle of life, seen through the innocent eyes of the youngest and the shared wisdom of the eldest…  Time waits for no man.  Careers can survive long periods of neglect, but health and dreams seldom do.