In 2012, we set off into the great unknown, slowly exploring the planet, savoring local cultures and food, and even settling for a short time to have a baby! Through sharing our adventures and detailed financials, we’ve found a great online community and lots of success.  Thank you!

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Here are some of the wonderful things readers have shared with us:

“I work with tax returns everyday from a lending perspective but have never seen anyone execute a tax strategy as well as you have… I was finally able to put together a good tax plan for our retirement, something I have struggled with for years” – Matthew

“I teach my students how to become FI by 35-40. I used your blog as an example of a couple that had already done this. I pulled up your blog in class and gave them some background about you and Winnie and told them that you guys were basically traveling the world, living off of a 4% withdrawal from your stock investments. They sat there stunned, as if they finally believed it was possible…” – Julie

“It’s hard to offer advice to a guy like Jacobson on how to run his finances. He clearly has his situation under control.” – MP Dunleavey

“Holy cow, I’m jumping out of my skin right now! I just listened to the interview you did on Radical Personal Finance in Sept, and I’m totally fired up!  I fully plan to read EVERY post on your site” – Dave




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