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Welcome to Go Curry Cracker! where every month (or so) we have fun reviewing and learning from the detailed financial situation of a lucky anonymous reader

Reader Financial Review 1 – Scared to Death of Early Retirement
Reader Financial Review 2 – Escape from New York

If you are interested in applying for your own Reader Financial Review, send us an email via the Contact form

Submission Guidelines

We have received a large number of submissions for Reader Financial Reviews, and are excited to work through as many of them as possible

To make it easier and more efficient to process the submissions, please include the following information

– An Intro Letter (see previous RFRs for a sample, links above)
–> Please highlight your main questions and anything you think is unique

– Current Financial Summary
–> All Assets
–> All debt (interest rate and payment detail)
–> Income from Work and Investments, plus Savings Rate
–> Current and Planned Retirement Budget
–> Expected Income after retirement (work, pension, Social Security)

– Personal Details
–> Where you live (State, Country)
–> Age

This information can be in any format that is convenient.  If you are using Personal Capital as we do, then the Net Worth, Cash Flow, and Portfolio screens contain most of this info

Although we can’t do a full blog post for every submission, we will provide feedback to everybody

Thank you!




  1. Gail

    can you give an idea of what rates you were receiving on your investments, and what those were in.

  2. GoBugJuice

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to determine a “true” return on index funds that provide dividends. Ive see the stated returns when dividends are reinvested but does this take into account that you will be paying taxes each year on the dividends? Seems like this would eat away your ROI more so than index funds without dividends (i.e. taxes aren’t paid until final sale, allowing a bigger value to compound).


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