Royal Purple Tulip in Oil on Canvas - Winnie

Royal Purple Tulip in Oil on Canvas – Winnie

July was an exciting month, but in an entirely different way than we are used to.  The theme of the month was baby making, and most other activities were put on hold or took place with greater moderation

We both still managed to go to the dentist this month, and I had to do a visa run to avoid legal trouble, which was basically the world’s most expensive Starbucks run.

In other news, there is an update to our health insurance.  Around a year ago we decided to self-insure and said good-bye to our health insurance plan.  Now that we have been in Taiwan 6 months, the feds here decided that Winnie should pay into the system.  Furthermore, we have to back pay for the entire 6 months.  This will appear in our spending in July and August.  The total bill comes to about $12.50 a month for fantastic coverage.  I remain self-insured

Without further ado, here is our monthly expense report, which looks fairly average for our time here

July 2014 Monthly Expenses

  • Housing – When we first arrived in Taipei, we found a great apartment for rent.  Total cost is 31,500 TWD (~$1,050)
  • Healthcare – Both of us visited the dentist, and Winnie paid for her health insurance (which also subsidized her dental visit.) Insurance: $25 (2 months.) J Dentist: $34. W Dentist: $5
  • Transportation – We regularly ride free bikes around the city, along with riding buses, the subway, and taxis. We took a few more taxis than is typical for visits to the hospital. I also had flight and taxi expenses for a visa run to Hong Kong. We paid about $10 more than necessary to fly on a Star Alliance airline, which resets the expiration date on our frequent flier miles
  • Groceries – We try to eat fresh fruit and vegetables everyday. This month that cost us ~$195
  • We feasted like royalty (again) this month, spending about $15/person/day, which affords some great meals. Check out some of what the food scene in Taipei has to offer here and here
  • Entertainment – I’m not sure I’d truly call it “Entertainment” but I had a cupping session and Winnie had a massage. W had 2 flute lessons, and her painting class. We had tickets to a piano concert but couldn’t go due to baby stuff and gave them to friends ($90.) We also saw the movie How to Train Your Dragon 2
  • Misc – I continue to study Chinese and we needed a few random items… French press to replace a broken one ($13), and basic hygiene supplies
DetailsJuly 2014Notes
Housing$1,053Our sweet Taipei rental ($1,050)
Healthcare$65W insurance: $25
W dentist: $5
J dentist: $35
Transportation$340Free public bikes
Typical bus ride: $0.50
Typical subway ride: $0.80
Typical taxi ride: $4
RT flight to HK: $205
RT taxi ride to airport: $60
Groceries$195Mostly fruits and vegetables
Dining Out$956~$15/person/day
Entertainment$365Massage (x2): $87
Oil painting classes: $42
Piano concert: $90
Flute lessons: $100 ($50 per)
Movie: $27
Random kindle and itunes: $17
Misc$474Chinese class: $370
Winnie clothes: $20
Cell phone bill: $20
French press: $13

Stay tuned for our next update, which includes a trip to Taipei’s Costco, more meals at home, and the accounting of our baby/IVF expenses of the past several months

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