Taipei National Music Hall

June was a month of adventure, of both the intellectual and physical varieties.

I enrolled in another semester of intensive Chinese language study, and continue to play guitar daily.  Winnie is diving deeper into oil and Chinese water color painting, calligraphy, and the flute… so much so that we made some additional capital investments in this area.  We are now the proud owners of a $10,000 hand-made silver flute (purchased used for $3k, naturally.)

We also dedicated one fine evening to music appreciation at the National Music Hall, listening to guest flautist Denis Bouriakov play with the Taipei Philharmonic.

In the physical realm, we went to the coast with friends to enjoy a little swimming at the Dragon Hole, and I went on a 10-day bike ride around the island.  Since this was the first time we’ve been apart since beginning our travel adventures, I left a little surprise for Winnie at home.

She in turn surprised me, by meeting up with the bike group part way through the trip.  Life is good

With the exception of the bike trip and musical instrument shopping extravaganza, expenses were more or less inline with previous months in Taipei

June 204 monthly expenses

  • Housing – When we first arrived in Taipei, we found a great apartment for rent.  Total cost is 31,500 TWD (~$1,050)  We also spent one night at the FU hotel in Yilan, Taiwan
  • Healthcare – Outside of the fresh fruit and vegetables that show up in our grocery expenses, we had no healthcare costs this month.  We continue to self-insure
  • Transportation – We regularly ride free bikes around the city, along with riding buses, the subway, and taxis.

    And now Uber, one of our favorite transport services is coming to Taipei.  Taxi drivers blocked traffic in protest… inconveniencing your customers is always an effective strategy.  Due to the free publicity, enrollment in Uber was up 300% during the protest.  Try it yourself with a free trip (If you sign up using this link, we also get a free trip)

  • Groceries – We try to eat fresh fruit and vegetables everyday.  This month that cost us ~$122
  • Dining out – We feasted like royalty (again) this month, spending about $15/person/day, which affords some great meals
  • Alcohol – For the first time in months we spent money on alcohol… a whopping $7
  • Entertainment – Our biggest expense was my bike trip around Taiwan.  We also went to a concert of the Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra with a guest flautist, and went swimming at a place called the Dragon Hole (or Long Dong as they call it.)  Winnie continued with flute and art classes
  • Misc – We got some clothes for warmer weather, and I continued with Chinese classes.
  • Other – hand made 700 series professional Yamaha silver flute
DetailsJune 2014Notes
Housing$1,138Our sweet Taipei rental ($1,050)
1-night at the FU Hotel in Yilan ($88)
Healthcare$0We are self-insured. No health related expenses this month
Transportation$111Free public bikes
Typical bus ride: $0.50
Typical subway ride: $0.80
Typical taxi ride: $4
RT Train to Yilan: $14
Groceries$122Mostly fruits and vegetables
Dining Out$921<$15/person/day
Entertainment$1,219Bike trip around Taiwan: $834
Massage (x2): $93
Oil painting classes: $66
Flute concert: $60
Flute lessons: $50 ($50 per)
Day trip to Long Dong: $30
Painting supplies: $29
Misc$727Chinese class: $370
Winnie clothes: $136
Misc bike trip supplies: $85
Chinese Class Books: $49
Winnie's new friend: $27
Cell phone bill: $24
(Excluding Bike Trip: $114/day)
Other Expenses Atypical and Nonrecurring expenses
Pro flute$2,968A quality instrument purchased at a great price. Will last a lifetime
Total Other Expenses$2,968
Total June Expenses$7,212

Winnie’s New Friend

Dragon Hole / Long Dong / 龍洞

Swimming at Dragon Hole / Long Dong / 龍洞 on Taiwan’s NE Coast

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