How much did you spend?  "Thiiiisss much!"

How much did you spend? “Thiiiisss much!”

In Taipei, April showers bring… May showers. And despite what stoic characters in Game of Thrones might have to say, summer is coming.  In Taiwan that means heat, humidity, and typhoons.  In other words, it means we should get out of town, but no…  the gluttons for punishment that we are, we have decided to stay another few months.  I’ll be studying Chinese for another semester, and Winnie will be continuing her pursuit of the arts

2014 Expenses May

  • Housing – When we first arrived in Taipei, we found a great apartment for rent. Now that our first 3 months are over, we expect to be asked to move on at some point.  In the mean time we will continue to enjoy it, as it is in a great location and an enjoyable place to study and relax.  Total cost is 31,500 TWD (~$1045)
  • Healthcare – Outside of the fresh fruit and vegetables that show up in our grocery expenses, we had no healthcare costs this month.  We continue to self-insure
  • Transportation – I made a visa run to HK this month with associated travel costs. We regularly ride free bikes around the city, along with riding buses, the subway, and taxis.
  • Groceries – We try to eat fresh fruit and vegetables everyday.  This month that cost us ~$137
  • Dining out – We feasted like royalty this month, spending about $15/day/person.  This included dinner for 4 for Winnie’s mother’s birthday ($137.)  We also discovered a nearby brunch place with killer Eggs Benedict and banana creme pie with chocolate chip cookie crust, 2 personal favorites.
  • Alcohol – I had a complimentary glass of scotch at a friend’s restaurant, otherwise it has been another dry month – $0
  • Entertainment – We went to our first 4D movie this month, with moving seats, lightning and fog effects, and smell-0-vision.  At $20 a pop it wasn’t cheap, but it was pretty cool.  We also went a little crazy with massages this month.  Most of the remainder of our Entertainment expenses was dedicated to art classes and supplies for Winnie
  • Misc – After much mailing of documents and “official” translation services, we are now officially married in Winnie’s native country.  Isn’t that nice?  It doesn’t really do much except maybe allow me to skip future visa runs if we decide to do a whole lot more mailing of official documents and procuring of translation services.  We also got some more clothes for warmer weather, and I continued with Chinese classes
DetailsMay 2014Notes
LocationTaiwan, Hong KongTaipei, Hong Kong
Housing$1,045Our sweet Taipei rental
Healthcare$0We are self-insured
Transportation$368Free public bikes
Typical bus ride: $0.50
Typical subway ride: $0.80
Typical taxi ride: $4
RT Airfare to HK: $190
RT Taxi to airport: $60
Groceries$137Mostly fruits and vegetables
Dining Out$931<$15/person/day
Alcohol$0Prohibition continues...
Entertainment$740Oil painting classes: $66
Water color class: $50
Painting supplies: $145
Massage: $204 (W: 3x times, J: 1x, Mama: 1x)
Flute lessons: $199 ($50 per)
Movie: $40 (X-men 4D)
Admission to National Palace Museum (and MC Escher exhibit): $26
Music on iTunes: $12
Misc$639Chinese class: $370
Jeremy shoes: $82
Jeremy clothes: $44
Taiwan marriage certificate: $27
Mother's day gift: $24
Gift for friend: $9
Umbrella: $8

In June, I did a 900 km bike ride around Taiwan.  Other than costs related to that trip, our total expenses should be much the same


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