We share a lot about travel and how to think about money in a way that enables financial independence and world travel. Here are a few other blogs that expand or add to those ideas, in alphabetical order

Finance Related
J Money runs one of the sexiest financial blogs out there, helping people increase income through side hustles and own their financial future.  He truly cares about the people side of money, which you can feel in his writing
Jacob retired extremely young by spending an extremely low amount of money. His blog is being updated infrequently now, but is a treasure trove of investment and cost saving advice
Jim is retired, enjoys traveling, and has some great advice on how to build a portfolio that will stand the test of time. His stock series is one of the best examples of “How to Invest” that we have seen.
The Mad Fientist gets down to the details, exploring the best financial tools to minimize taxes, increase savings, and enable the earliest retirement possible. He also has big travel plans.
Mr. Money Mustache is probably the most popular early retirement blog out there, and for a good reason.
Rockstar Finance is a site run by J Money that features all of the best financial posts from around the web.  He reads 100’s of articles so you don’t have to, sharing the best ones here.
Justin retired at age 33 with a wife and 3 kids, and has great perspectives on money, travel, and other awesome things including food, philosophy, and fun.