The Cost of Traveling the World (April 2014, Taipei, Taiwan)

Panda Exhibit at CKS Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

Panda Exhibit at CKS Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

Wow, April came and went in a flash. As did the bus on which I had left my wallet.  Dodging cars, pedestrians, and stray dogs, I sprinted the length of 3 stop lights to catch it.  After rummaging around and under seats, and inquiring with passengers in semi-intelligible Mandarin, I had to admit defeat.  My wallet was gone

Losing a wallet can be a frustrating experience.  Losing a wallet while traveling can be a near disaster.  Credit cards, ATM card, driver’s license…  all need to be replaced, not an easy task from abroad.  Fortunately the good people of Taiwan are honest and caring, and my wallet was returned to a nearby police station with all contents intact.  Crisis averted

That was about all the excitement we could handle this month…

Back to “normal” life, we’ve managed to keep full bellies and even fuller schedules… At night we’ve explored the culinary opportunities that Taipei has to offer, and by day I’ve been studying Chinese and guitar, and Winnie has been learning the flute and oil and Chinese watercolor painting.

Outside of these activities we’ve largely been home bodies.  Financially things have been much the same…  our expenses were quite similar to March.  All of the details of our expenses are shared below in various formats and depth.  Questions? Please use the comments section to add to the conversation, and check us out on Facebook or Twitter


A Taiwan Visa Run to Hong Kong

The Overcast HK Skyline

The Overcast Hong Kong Skyline as Seen From the Yacht Club

When spending an extended length of time in a foreign country, a visa run is inevitable.  This was the case for me after nearly 90 days in Taiwan, after which I had to leave the country or face the consequences.  (We’ve overstayed visas before, but since this is a partial home base for us it is best to follow the rules)

There are many short flights to nearby countries… the Philippines, Japan, Thailand… but I settled on Hong Kong for a few reasons:  flights are cheap, Hong Kong has great food, and it is the home of a good friend I haven’t seen in a few years

Many Taiwan expats do an overnight Hong Kong visa run, and this is the general advice that I found on blogs and forums.  I chose to ignore this advice…


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