A Taiwan Visa Run to Hong Kong

The Overcast HK Skyline

The Overcast Hong Kong Skyline as Seen From the Yacht Club

When spending an extended length of time in a foreign country, a visa run is inevitable.  This was the case for me after nearly 90 days in Taiwan, after which I had to leave the country or face the consequences.  (We’ve overstayed visas before, but since this is a partial home base for us it is best to follow the rules)

There are many short flights to nearby countries… the Philippines, Japan, Thailand… but I settled on Hong Kong for a few reasons:  flights are cheap, Hong Kong has great food, and it is the home of a good friend I haven’t seen in a few years

Many Taiwan expats do an overnight Hong Kong visa run, and this is the general advice that I found on blogs and forums.  I chose to ignore this advice…