Twenty Pounds of Pasta

In Spring of the last 3 years I have stepped off a plane in Europe, wearing stylish skinny jeans and a classic neckline T-shirt. 3 or 4 months later, I was sporting a budding double chin and elastic waistline “athletic” shorts.

Upon returning “home” I would slowly shed my substantial souvenir, slip back into my favorite jeans, and board another plane to carb heaven.

It is the holidays… perhaps you can relate.


Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays everyone! I wish you all a joyful and well deserved holiday season.

We had another adventurous year, circumnavigating the globe and visiting 15 countries. France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, United States (but less than 35 days), Japan, and Taiwan.

Our Instagram shares some great photos of each.

Jr now has 28 unique stamps in his 2 passports. I was surprised when I added it all up this morning.


For the Love of Biking


A bicycle is many things… a wonderfully elegant example of human ingenuity and craftsmanship.  An efficient form of transportation.  A builder of self-confidence, health, and wealth

A bicycle is a wonderful learning tool, providing valuable life lessons in personal limitations and how to overcome them.  It is a tool for self-confidence

And at any age, a bicycle is freedom.  As a child, a bicycle opened up my world from a few square blocks to a few square miles.  As a young adult, a bicycle provided freedom from the stress of college and the workplace.  And later, a bicycle helped enable freedom from the need for income

I look forward to making many more great biking memories