Where in the World…

Where is Team Curry Cracker at this moment?

We are in Taipei, Taiwan, catching up on sleep and focusing on our artistic and creative endeavors.

Countries Jr has been to:
1. Taiwan
2. Japan
3. Thailand
4. Malaysia
5. Singapore
6. Netherlands (Amsterdam)
7. Portugal
8. Spain
9. Italy
10. Vatican
11. Czech
12. Germany
13. Denmark
14. UK (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland)
15. Ireland
16. Iceland
17. United States
18. France
19. Luxembourg
20. Belgium
21. Greece
22. Hungary
23. Austria
24. Switzerland
25. Croatia
26. Bosnia and Herzegovina
27. Montenegro
28. Canada (Victoria on Cruise)
29. Vietnam
30. Poland
31. Latvia
32. Lithuania
33. Estonia
34. Finland
35. Sweden
36. Norway
37. Indonesia


  1. Wall

    Hello there,

    I am going to visit SMA from mid to end of Feb 2014, any special events there? Any food recommendations (other that your 3 meals + dessert page)?

    Wish you all a happy new year!!


    • Go Curry Cracker

      Hi Wall

      Be sure to check out TripAdvisor.com. We write reviews there under the name gocurrycracker and have done so for a number of restaurants in SMA. For events in SMA, there is a website named (you guessed it!) http://www.sanmiguelevents.com/

      Enjoy your trip!


  2. Michael Johnson

    nice shot, been there and also to the top of 101 in 96

  3. Veronica

    Just wanted to say cool blog! Also, I’m interested in how you went to Cuba? I think Americans still have to go on a specified tour, is that correct?


    • Go Curry Cracker

      I don’t know much about that. I was in Mexico, I got on a plane, then I was in Cuba. There were a lot of Americans there

  4. Aravind

    Hi, I can only dream of what you both are doing right now. Spend your lifetime in travelling around the world. It is just wonderful. All the best to both of you. Hailing from India, I invite you to visit our beautiful country rich in culture and heritage. Best Regards, Aravind

    • Go Curry Cracker

      Thank you Aravind. Many of my best friends from my working days are from India, and we are both very excited to visit

  5. Quinn

    Hi I just wanted to say that you guys are awesome and I hope to travel the world too some day! :)

    • Go Curry Cracker

      Thanks Quinn. You can do it

  6. Manni

    I admire both of you ! Wish I could have done the same.
    Enjoy all the Impressions the World will give you. Wish you all the best and good Luck.
    Manni from Northern Germany

    • Go Curry Cracker

      Thank you Manni!

      I am very impressed with the comments we have received from people all over Germany after we appeared in Die Welt. We need to move Germany up our list of places to visit

  7. Rachel

    Hey, i just found your blog from Mr. Mustache Money forum and think its great! My husband and I lived in Taiwan (Taichung) for a year, teaching English and studying Chinese (although I wasn’t able to write a blog in Chinese!! I could read Curious George books with a little help from bopomofo) It was wonderful!! I wrote a ton about our year in Taiwan in my blog http://razzelberry.blogspot.com. Anyway I hope you’re enjoying it!!

    working on our own early retirement now but probably looking at our early 40s for that one – then we’ll hit the road again!

  8. Rachel

    Winnie, haha I just read your bios and realized you’re from Taiwan! Makes much more sense that you are writing a blog in Chinese then!! :-)

  9. Marenily

    Hi id like to know which places have been your favorite to live?

    • Go Curry Cracker

      We are still figuring that out

      We love Mexico, and plan to return there this fall

      • Steve

        Where in Mexico did you enjoy the most, and why? I’m looking for an area with good weather, a lot to do, good medical care, and a low cost of living.

        I love your blog and have been recommending it to others.

        Thank you for your help.


        • Go Curry Cracker

          Hi Steve

          That seems to describe all of Mexico! haha

          We really enjoy San Miguel de Allende and Mexico City. Good food, good people, good weather



  10. Dz

    HI there. I stumbled upon your blog. It looks like you’ve got the right idea. My wife and I are on a similar path, albeit still far from FI. We’ve been living in Taichung for nearly 4 years, and 6 months ago, we had our first son. Still working, but designing life and goals to free ourselves. Taiwan is full of opportunities! Good luck!

    • Go Curry Cracker

      Hi Dz, congrats on the addition to your family!

      There are definitely a ton of opportunities, just have to hustle and make things happen. FI is a great goal, and our lives have definitely improved with the flexibility it provides

      I’ve only been to Taichung once I think. There is some great biking nearby though, so might have to head that way at some point

      All the best


  11. Susan sun

    Happy new year to all three of you! Enjoy your good time in Thailand!

    • Go Curry Cracker

      Happy New Year Susan!

  12. scrnplyr

    We’re both enjoying reading about your world wide adventures and using that inspiration to add to our own list of destinations. One question I have that is rarely covered in FI/travel blogs is how the political/economic system in the country you’re staying affects you and your travels. Do the police or military limit your personal freedoms in any way? Are there limits to travel or freedom of expression? One example I’m thinking of is, do they censor or limit what you can write in a blog that is written from a server located in that country? I would assume that even a repressive gov’t would not bother with a 2 week tourists, but since you seem to stay in one place for longer periods of time, you might be subject to different treatment.

    • Go Curry Cracker

      You are always subject to the laws of the country you are in. When in Rome… aka don’t chew gum in Singapore.

  13. junggren

    Hey GCC. Just discovered your website although I wish I would have sooner. We are a fellow Seattleite family of 4 early retirees on the final month of a 5 month European adventure. Looks like we have been in some of the same places as you. In fact, we stayed at an AirBnB just a couple of blocks from where you are sitting in your Porto picture. We loved Porto- especially as a bunch of self proclaimed Harry Potter nerds.

    Keep up the great work. I hope we cross paths someday.

  14. Rich Uncle EL

    Hello GoCurry, it is amazing how many destinations you guys have visited. I have only been to 5 countries in the world, and looking to go to another soon. Good luck traveling my friends and keep up the motivation.

  15. Laica

    GCC, No South America? Brazil? Chile? Argentina?
    These places are amazing and you’ll fall in love fore sure!

    • Go Curry Cracker

      We’ve only been traveling for 4 years… we haven’t been to Africa or Antarctica yet either, but we will visit eventually.


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