The Things We Think We Need


When we left the US, we brought with us only what we could carry on our backs. The remainder was sold, donated, or discarded.

Except of course for those extremely critical items we would definitely need again some day. No, these most cherished of items were stored in a friend’s basement, because how could we possibly live without them?

Now 6 years later, we cracked open this most precious of Time Capsules, thereby rediscovering the things we think we truly need.


Finding Our Forever Home

We are often asked, “You guys have traveled so much; where is your favorite place?”

This is hard to say, a bit like being forced to choose just one ice cream flavor. I haven’t even tried them all yet.

In a similar vein, people inquire: “Where would you like to have a home base?”

This is a regular topic of conversation for us: finding our forever home.


Retirement Has Completely Ruined Me

“OMG, the stock market is going to collapse and the world come to an end! And then what are you going to do, wise guy? Go back to work? Ha! Get real. You haven’t worked in forever. Nobody wants your out of date skills. And in a big downturn EVERYONE is looking for a job, and you will be last on every employer’s list. Loser.”

I love 2018. Internet people are so friendly these days. But as much as I am unlikely to invite this guy over for dinner, he does have a point.

“Going back to work” is a fall back plan for a lot of aspiring retirees. If you are dealt a poor sequence of returns in the early years, just call your old boss. But woe is me, this is no longer an option.

But not because my skillz have been back shelved. And not because I am far too busy. The truth is, as far as employment is concerned, retirement has completely ruined me.