Onward and Upward

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The end of 2016 is nigh… which means different things to different people.

Some use this time of year to practice gratitude for all of the wonders of the year. Others may choose to lament the passing of musicians, actors, and superstars (I <3 you David Bowie! :'( ) Still others prepare their resolutions to spend money on a gym membership they never use or to save more money… ironically opposing goals.

But not here at GCC… instead we get wild and crazy with acronyms like CSS and PHP, play with Internet servers and caching tools, and of course take steps to minimize taxes for this year and beyond.

And last but not least, Winnie’s book was released at the end of December, quickly becoming the #1 new investment book on the market! (Mandarin / Chinese only.)

You may have already noticed the results by how fancy everything now looks around here. Please allow me to highlight these investments in the future, with a focus on ease of use and improved access.


Everyone Should Blog


4 years ago we stepped off the employment treadmill and stopped into a life focused on travel and family.

Originally this little blog was simply intended to be a way for friends and family to see what we were up to. When people starting asking how we could be so financially secure at such a young age, I started writing a bit about money. Then we got some press, and the number of friends and family following along exploded.

The results have been life changing. So much so, I think everyone should blog.


GCCJr for Hire

Blue Steel

Blue Steel

At FinCon 2016 (read my review) Jr was a shrewd negotiator in several business meetings, and an immaculate host for our guests on the houseboat. Clearly he is ready to step out of the shadow of his parents and build a place for himself in this world.

We discussed at length what opportunities would be the best fit for his skill set and experience. It has always been my goal that we coach him to be a problem solver and risk taker. Rather than asking what he wants to be when he grows up, we might ask “What improvements to the world would be most exciting for you to pursue?”

That must have been a little deep, because he just smiled and tried to look cute. And then it dawned on us…


Chautauqua 2015, A Love Story

El Encanto Resort

El Encanto Resort, Home of the 2015 Chautauqua (photo by The Bobs)

This past October I flew half way around the world to Ecuador to attend and present at the 2015 Chautauqua.

I joined 3 other speakers and nearly 30 attendees for a week of culture, service, and financial musings.

When Jim Collins asked me to attend, I was elated. I couldn’t wait to participate, and my expectations were very high.

Was the experience valuable? Did it meet my expectations? Would I recommend it?

Let’s see.


Twenty Sixteen Plans and Aspirations

New Year's Eve in Chiang Mai, Thailand

New Year’s Eve in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wow, 2015 has come and gone. And what an incredible year it was, too!

As is customary, last January we resolved to make modest life changes. Then the biggest life change of all took precedence as we became parents in April.

Around the same time this modest blog underwent explosive growth as our story was shared in mainstream media around the globe. In a few surreal moments we’ve even been recognized by readers in the wild.

Without a doubt it has has all been a grand adventure. What do we we plan to do in 2016 to keep things exciting?


Early Retirement: The Best Idea in the History of Ideas

Early Retirement

Another Terrible Day in Early Retirement

There is great diversity in interests and personal values in the world, and what is great for one person might be terrible for another

So it is no surprise that on occasion we come across people that frown upon our life choices.  In some cases, that frown becomes a snarl

For example, this is one of my all time favorite pieces of hate mail:

….So in 2008 you lost 40% of your wealth when the market crashed, and then you had all this extra cash lying around to invest more in stocks after the crash?….. Also, you saved up your money by living like a bumb (I think they meant bum) in your 20’s to “retire” in your 30’s…..but you only traveled in 2012,’13, and ’14……now that you have a baby you are not welcome to travel and stay at many places. Nobody wants to travel with a toddler. You speak about not paying taxes and scamming for healthcare, the truth is you can’t afford to live in Seattle, your “home”.
I advice you to watch the movie “Jiro dreams of sushi” in it he extrapolates on his statement “the day I am unable to work is a very sad day” you see most people find stability, normalcy, friends, and community through workplace culture, your grand schemes of finding loopholes like a Wall St exec is so fragile. Your setting your child up for psychological issues of a Military family when you don’t have an established home with a church you go to all the time, family you see every holiday, chasing the cheapest meal…….
It’s very possible for people without families and void of responsibility to their family, or simply filled with greed of their own needs, to live an enjoyable lifestyle of travel and retirement. It’s the same question as asking yourself what if you won the lottery? Well I have a toddler I can tell you I would not travel with him, and I love my job and would not retire from it…..I speak English, I want to live in America. Traveling cheap is not as fun as you make it sound.

Where even to begin amongst the false assumptions, inaccuracies, and value judgements?

I didn’t even know we traveled cheap


Retire Early.

Travel the World.

Let's do this.

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