Do you remember the last time you moved from one home to another?  All of the packing and unpacking, the cleaning, the donating and dumping of old stuff, and the acquisition of the new?

Since we’ve decided to stay in Taipei for the birth of our son (It’s a boy!) we rented a new apartment and settled in for the next year.  Fortunately when you don’t own much, moving is actually fun.  You can even do it on a bicycle!

Moving in Style

Moving in Style

Although we were able to escape much of the drudgery of the move, rounding out the edges of our new home required getting a sofa, a table, and some kitchen supplies.  This wasn’t exactly cheap, although we expect to sell much of it in a year and recover a portion of our investment

Also new this month are some clothes with bigger waste bands for Winnie, and some Taiwan visa related fees for me

Let’s see how this impacted our expenses

2014 October Monthly Expenses

  • Housing – We rent a great 1-bedroom apartment in the heart of Taipei, Taiwan. Rent is ~$1,400 a month.  In addition, I’ve amortized the brokerage fee of 1/2 months rent (~$55)
  • Healthcare – Winnie is paying into the Taiwan national healthcare system, with a monthly fee of ~$26.  This month also included back-payment for our 1st 2 months in Taipei.  We had no other healthcare related expenses (Baby expenses are included in “Other”)
  • Transportation – We regularly ride free bikes around the city, along with buses, the subway, and taxis.  Cooler autumn temperatures make for some great bike riding.  We also ride Uber from time to time.  Give it a try with a free ride using this linkI also went to Hong Kong to get a Taiwan Visa.  Airfare was $212, a round trip taxi to the airport was ~$63, and airport express train and subway fares in HK totaled ~$15.
  • Groceries – With a new place, we did a Costco run to stock up on staples, in addition to exploring 3 nearby grocery stores.  Total spending on food for home use was $454 (~$7.50/person/day)
  • Dining Out – We returned to our several meal a day dining out lifestyle this month, and our total spending was similar to previous such months in Taipei.  Total spent on food at restaurants, coffee shops, and pastry shops was $918 (~$15/person/day)
  • Alcohol – During our trip to Costco a bottle of scotch and a bottle of vodka fell in our cart.  Total cost:  $32
  • Entertainment – Winnie picked up the flute again.  2 lessons this month were ~$100
  • Miscellaneous – We acquired a lot of consumer goods for living the good life this month on exciting trips to a furniture store, Ikea, and Costco, oh my!  We even purchased GCCjr’s first outfit

All house related expenses are detailed in the expenses table below, and the full cost will be amortized over the next 12 months

  • Other – We went to the Doctor 2x this month for regular baby checkups (~$20 each), and purchased some more supplements and prenatal vitamins ($145.)  A friend was traveling from the US for work and was kind enough to bring our Amazon order over.  Total baby related expenses this month were $185
DetailsOct 2014Notes
Housing$1,3239 days in old apt: $301
22 days in new apt: $935
Amortized Broker Fee: $55
1 time lease fee: $33
Healthcare$75W Health insurance: $75 (3 months of Taiwan national health care)
I am self insured
Transportation$409Free public bikes
Typical bus ride: $0.50
Typical subway ride: $0.80
Typical taxi ride: $4
Taipei total: $119
Visa trip to HK: $290
Groceries$454Costco trip: $207
Dining Out$918~$15/person/day
Entertainment$99Flute lessons (x2): $50 per
Chinese class: $363

Clothes and Beauty
Winnie pregnancy clothing: $161
Backpack: $36
J clothes: $29
W Shoes: $27
W Haircut: $16
Total: $269

Taiwan Visa: $224

Utilities & Home
Home cleaning (x5): $181
Cell phone bill: $25
Cable bill: $16
Total $222

New house related
Sofa: $652
Water filter: $207
Coffee table: $198
Ikea: $182
Misc from Costco: $146
Rice cooker: $115
Bed sheets: $90
Random house stuff: $83
Mosquito machine: $57
Cast iron pans: $54
Plastic bread bucket: $11
Total: $1,792
Amortized over 12 months: $149

Moving expenses
Drycleaning: $13
Steam clean: $82
Total: $95
Other Expenses Atypical and Nonrecurring expenses
Dr visits for pregnancy checkup$402 Dr visits
Prenatal vitamins$47Raw Prenatal Multivitamins

Vitamin supplements$69Vitamineral Green
Total Other Expenses$185All Baby related
Total October Expenses$4,853

Expenses this month were quite high.  With the exception of our rent increasing for the next year, I expect our expenses going forward to be inline with previous months in Taipei

2014 Oct Monthly Expenses plus Avg

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