Panda Exhibit at CKS Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

Panda Exhibit at CKS Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

Wow, April came and went in a flash. As did the bus on which I had left my wallet.  Dodging cars, pedestrians, and stray dogs, I sprinted the length of 3 stop lights to catch it.  After rummaging around and under seats, and inquiring with passengers in semi-intelligible Mandarin, I had to admit defeat.  My wallet was gone

Losing a wallet can be a frustrating experience.  Losing a wallet while traveling can be a near disaster.  Credit cards, ATM card, driver’s license…  all need to be replaced, not an easy task from abroad.  Fortunately the good people of Taiwan are honest and caring, and my wallet was returned to a nearby police station with all contents intact.  Crisis averted

That was about all the excitement we could handle this month…

Back to “normal” life, we’ve managed to keep full bellies and even fuller schedules… At night we’ve explored the culinary opportunities that Taipei has to offer, and by day I’ve been studying Chinese and guitar, and Winnie has been learning the flute and oil and Chinese watercolor painting.

Outside of these activities we’ve largely been home bodies.  Financially things have been much the same…  our expenses were quite similar to March.  All of the details of our expenses are shared below in various formats and depth.  Questions? Please use the comments section to add to the conversation, and check us out on Facebook or Twitter

April 2014 Monthly Expenses

  • Housing – When we first arrived in Taipei, we found a great apartment for rent. Now that our first 3 months are over, we expect to be asked to move on at some point.  In the mean time we will continue to enjoy it, as it is in a great location and an enjoyable place to study and relax.  Total cost is 31,500 TWD (~$1042)
  • Healthcare –  Winnie had a follow up visit to the Chinese medicine herb master, with a total cost of about $26
  • Transportation – It has been a rainy month in Taipei, so I’ve taken the bus to school more.  I still ride in the rain but not during torrential downpours.  Otherwise we regularly take buses and taxis around town
  • Groceries – We found a small nearby farm that delivers fresh produce and this has boosted our grocery spending a bit, a good investment in happy healthy eating
  • Dining Out – We continue to explore the many options to dine out in Taipei.  With grocery items costing the same as dining out, we aren’t the only ones
  • Alcohol – Another dry month
  • Entertainment – Art classes, flute lessons, and a movie were all the entertainment we needed this month.
  • Miscellaneous – We had numerous other expenses this month…  Chinese tuition, clothes, TurboTax
DetailsMarch 2014Notes
Housing$1042Our sweet Taipei rental
Healthcare$26Chinese Medicine ($26)
Transportation$108Free public bikes
Typical bus ride: $0.50
Typical subway ride: $0.80
Typical taxi ride: $4
Groceries$401Mostly fruits and vegetables
Dining Out$767<$13/person/day
Alcohol$0Prohibition continues...
Entertainment$280Oil painting classes: $49
Movie: $26 (Captain America)
Flute lessons: $149 ($49 per)
Painting books: $44
Music on iTunes: $11
Misc$936Chinese class: $370
Winnie clothes: $170
Jeremy clothes: $143
TurboTax: $60
New Wallet: $45


Next month should look much the same as we continue to exercise our brains

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