It’s that time of year again, time to give the teeth a little tender love and care.

Taiwan is the 4th country in which I’ve visited a dental office, and this one looked much like the others.  The diploma on the wall from The New York University College of Dentistry could have been on the wall of any dental office in any town in the United States. The Chinese calligraphy too

Take a Seat Please

Take a Seat Please

The cleaning was quick and efficient, and personally taken care of by the dentist himself. He found a missing filling and another two 10-year-old fillings with small cracks in them. This was explained in perfect English, but a high-res camera let me see the cracks and the diagnosis clearly first-hand

A week later I had these 3 fillings replaced. It was quick and painless, both physically and financially

The total cost for a cleaning and the replacement of 3 fillings was less than the $250 my old US dentist charged just for a cleaning.

Until next year

Office visit fee: 250 TWD ($8.50)
Cleaning fee: 800 TWD ($27)
Cost of each filling replacement (x3): 1200 TWD ($40)