Happy 4th of July! (photo source)

Happy Independence day to all of those who celebrating around the globe (either America’s Independence Day or your own.)

Things have been quiet on Go Curry Cracker these past few months as we’ve been in full on travel mode, so today I just wanted to share a quick update and start planning for a couple potential meetups.

What’s up?

Were we in the US, we would be throwing some slabs of beef on a grill and enjoying a few picobrews. Instead, we are exploring lavender fields, eating figs the size of a fist, and having a glass of wine (or two… or three… when in Provence…)

Smells nice

We are currently enjoying the final days on our Schengen Visa. It is hard to believe we have already been in Europe nearly 90 days. It’s been an epic tour of Paris, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, Austria, Northern Italy, Switzerland, and now the South of France. We’ve holed up in a nice compound we found on Airbnb within easy driving distance of Aix-en-Provence, Saint Remy, Arles, Avignon, etc…

Home Away From Home

After a big day of exploring (or a big breakfast) the pool is definitely inviting. Jr loves it here.

What’s Next?

We head to Croatia in a few short days, where we plan to explore some islands and waterfalls. We’ll fly from Dubrovnik to New York City in August (free hotels!), tour Philadelphia (which gets us more free hotels), visit family in Minnesota for a couple weeks, and then hop on a 10-day Alaska cruise with my Mom and Grandma. (My Grandma’s dream vacation.)

Getting free cruises proved to be a bit of a challenge, but I am getting 10% cash back thanks to use of shopping portals, plus a ton of Expedia points. Justin’s cruise guide was super helpful.

Alaska Cruise (photo from Princess)

After the cruise we’ll spend time with friends and family in SF, and then fly to Japan for a month (free flights.)

All together we’ll have 3+ weeks of dedicated family time.


We’ve had the good fortune to meet a great number of GCC readers on our travels, not to mention the numerous bloggers at an event like FinCon. Unfortunately we won’t be able to attend FinCon this year, but we can meet up with new friends for drinks and good times.

Dates for GCC Meetups:
– New York City – Saturday, August 12th (Details here.)
– Philadelphia – Wednesday, August 16th (Details here.)
– Minneapolis – Saturday, August 19th (Details here.)
– San Francisco – Saturday, September 9th (Details here.)

If you are interested in getting together, please follow the links above to your city and confirm your attendance. See you there!

Back to a regular schedule

You may have noticed that this is the first Go Curry Cracker post in a couple months. Blogging takes a bit of a back seat while we are traveling, but we are posting regular updates on Twitter and Instagram. Check us out there!

Thank you

Jeremy, Winnie, & Julian
Go Curry Cracker!

Enjoy the holiday!

If you are interested in how we get free flights and free hotels in some of the most expensive cities in the world, take a look at how we got over $10k in free travel in Europe.