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So you want to withdraw funds from an IRA before age 59.5? You have come to the right place.

There are numerous SEPP / 72t calculators to choose from, with the full suite of options and myriad choices... this is not one of them. Here we have just one goal - enable our target annual withdrawals with minimum impact to the rest of our investment portfolio.

Just enter your age and desired annual income (and applicable interest rate) and the calc does the rest.

SEPP Calculator



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Age: The age to begin IRA withdrawals. Jan - Jun birthdays will end year on half birthday (e.g. 50.5.)
Target Income: Annual IRA withdrawal size
Interest rate: A "reasonable" interest rate the IRS uses for SEPP math.
Typically the greater of 5% or 120% of the federal mid-term rate. Default is 5%.


Initial IRA value: Transfer this amount to a dedicated SEPP IRA.
Number of withdrawals: Minimum of 5 withdrawals or until age 59.5.
First withdrawal: First withdrawal year (assuming SEPP starts now.)


It is possible to make early withdrawals from an IRA (before age 59.5) as long as some simple rules are followed.

These rules are outlined in section 72(t) of the Internal Revenue Code, and are often referred to as 72t or SEPP withdrawals (Substantially Equivalent Periodic Payments.)

For details on the rules and processes involved, as well as the penalties for failing to comply, see the post: IRA Withdrawals Before Age 59.5.


  1. Why are these results different than the Bankrate calculator?
  2. Because the required life expectancy and mortality rate data was updated in 2022 and the Bankrate calculator is still using the older (now incorrect) data.

  3. Why is 50 the youngest age the calculator supports?
  4. Because it doesn't seem like a good idea to commit to annual withdrawals for more than 10 years.


Always consult with a professional before taking action. This calculator may not produce accurate results in all scenarios, including those most important to you. I am at best an amateur coder and my knowledge in financial matters is limited and often inaccurate.

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Latest update: April 8, 2024 - initial release.

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