Toto Neorest 500

Toto Neorest 500

It was 20 years ago (today?), on my first trip to Japan that I first happened upon a bathroom fixture with an intelligence that exceeded my own

Granted, that isn’t all that impressive of an accomplishment, but after using the latest generation product in our new Taipei apartment I’m convinced the gap has grown

The things these toilets are capable of is truly incredible

First, they get their owners to part with up to $6,500 to own one.  Impressive

Anybody that has ever had an argument with their spouse about putting the toilet seat down will recognize immediately that this is a lot cheaper than divorce.  With a lid that automatically opens and closes, those conversations are a thing of the past (not to mention the convenience and sanitary benefits)

And everybody with restroom experience on a dark winter’s night will recognize the value of the integrated nightlight and heated seat.  Those are nice features in the summer too

I'm Over Here

Don’t Pee on the Floor

It just gets better from there

The integrated washlet aka bidet, has programmable location, temperature, and pressure so you can fine tune for the perfect touch.  The heated blow-dryer finishes the job

And when you are all done with your business, the toilet closes and flushes automatically, offering a truly hands free sanitation experience

For those that prefer a more hands on approach, the wall-mounted remote control even has great graphics for intuitive use


Remote Control (ours is in Japanese)

Cleaning is pretty easy as well, the patented water-ionization and cyclone flush system ensures a clean flush every time.  Newer models even have UV disinfectant lighting.

These things are truly the ultimate marriage of art and engineering

Where the Magic Happens

Where the Magic Happens

Alas, the day will come when we must part ways.  When we do ultimately settle in one location, I will be sorely tempted to make one of these truly our own.  Or maybe we will have to get the more portable model to take on the road

Now if you will excuse me…