No Go Curry Cracker

Too bad, so sad

Too bad, so sad

Everything eventually comes to an end. Such is the case with our world travels

After 6 months of funemployment and a few months of exploring foreign lands, we couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing from our lives.

Without the sense of purpose and the connection to a community that comes with a job, we felt as if we were just so much flotsam set adrift

In order to fill this hole in our hearts, we have decided to return to the United States and find work in our old careers. We are already planning a few shopping trips in order to reacquire home furnishings and clothing, and have started to research the latest models of cars. Wearing the latest fashions while cruising in a sweet ride will do a lot to help us feel complete.

At least we gave it a try… We will always know that we lived our dream, even if just for awhile.

Thank you all for your love and support

Jeremy and Winnie, No Go Curry Cracker


Update: Happy April Fool’s Day!!! :-D

Free Money! A Guide to International Money Management

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foreign-currencyEvery sovereign nation has a different name for the bills they print and coins they mint.  Pesos.  Dollars.  Yuan.  Yen.  Euros.  Baht.  Shekels.  Rubles.  Rupees.  There are numerous denominations, different faces and images, and various sizes and colors.  Outside of their esthetic differences, they are all the same, just a means to trade for things that we need.


Living Large in a Small Space

"I cannot wait to spend every weekend mowing this lawn and fixing things!"

“I cannot wait to spend every weekend mowing this lawn and fixing things!”

Before hitting the road, we had the best living conditions of every person in the Seattle area. We lived in a 1 bedroom apartment on the top floor of a 1930’s era 20-unit apartment building near the University. We were a block from the farmer’s market, a block from a Safeway, a block from our garden patch, 4 blocks from a huge park and nature trail, 5 blocks from the library, 7 blocks from Trader Joe’s, and one block from the main business street and bus artery, where we had our choice of 50 different restaurants and easy bus access to anywhere in town.


The World for Free, A Communications Primer

CELL-A.jpgf7567083-5d33-48a9-8777-6fc08b369f42Larger10,000 years ago, the average cost of communicating with friends and family was zero. There were no phone bills, no cell phones, and no post office. Since extended families all lived in the same geographical area, there was really no need for these things. Somehow it worked, and friends were able to meet-up without calling each other 20 times from their cell phones. “I’ll meet you by the big rock when the sun is at its highest point in the sky” was sufficient planning.  Life was good