Why Early Social Security Provides the Greatest Spousal Benefit

Social Security includes a spousal benefit, in which the lower earner is able to take the greater of their own SS income or up to 50% of their spouses’.

Upon death of the higher earner, the lower earner assumes the higher earner’s benefit (replacing their own.) A survivor benefit.

Because of these spousal and survivor benefits many choose to delay collecting Social Security until age 70 in order to secure the largest monthly income, which will help to provide their younger / greater longevity spouse financial security throughout their twilight years.

I will do the opposite, and my wife will be better off for it.


Playing the Interest Rate Spread for an Easy $2,000

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Investing our Mortgage – 2 year update

A couple years ago we bought a house, paid in full with cash. Then I got a small mortgage as an inflation hedge and to invest for fun and profit.

We used a chunk of the mortgage to fund moving expenses and to acquire all of the typical home accoutrements, put solar on our roof, and pay the medium-sized tax bill that comes with selling enough stock to pay cash for a house. The remainder I put back into the market as a lump sum.

It has now been two years out of thirty. Let’s check in on how this investment is doing.


Getting Lucky


What is it exactly? Per the Oxford Languages Dictionary, luck is “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.”

It was recently suggested that we may have been the beneficiaries of luck, which is why we are able to enjoy the lifestyle to which we have become accustomed. And given that this is the product of chance, it is irresponsible or misleading to suggest that others could do the same if only they made similar choices.

Is that an accurate statement? Let’s explore.