Too bad, so sad

Too bad, so sad

Everything eventually comes to an end. Such is the case with our world travels

After 6 months of funemployment and a few months of exploring foreign lands, we couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing from our lives.

Without the sense of purpose and the connection to a community that comes with a job, we felt as if we were just so much flotsam set adrift

In order to fill this hole in our hearts, we have decided to return to the United States and find work in our old careers. We are already planning a few shopping trips in order to reacquire home furnishings and clothing, and have started to research the latest models of cars. Wearing the latest fashions while cruising in a sweet ride will do a lot to help us feel complete.

At least we gave it a try… We will always know that we lived our dream, even if just for awhile.

Thank you all for your love and support

Jeremy and Winnie, No Go Curry Cracker


Update: Happy April Fool’s Day!!! :-D