“I want to just leave this all behind and live on a beach, eat fresh mangoes, and sleep in a hammock”

“Working 60 – 80 hours a week is ridiculous! If it wasn’t for these student loans I would quit my job and go travel.”

“2 weeks of vacation just isn’t enough. I don’t fully decompress until its time to go back to work.”

This is the story of 2 people on the adventure of a lifetime. After many conversations sounding much like the quotes above, we left our jobs, our friends, and our home, sold all of our worldly possessions, and hit the road. Follow along as we share our journey.

The unknown is a source of fear for many, but there is very little we know about our future. Where will we go? For how long will we travel? How much will it cost? These are topics that will be covered in this blog, but as of now are largely undetermined. What we do know is that we will make new friends, learn, and grow

No spur of the moment decision, this journey has been years in the making. We will share how we decided to embark on this grand adventure, how we prepared, and what we learn along the way.

Live vicariously, follow in our footsteps, or learn from our example and blaze your own path. Go Curry Cracker!