merryxmasMerry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

It’s a lovely 60 degrees in Taipei, and the holiday spirit is alive and well.  It has been a great year and a great holiday season

We’ve had some delicious holiday parties with friends and family

Christmas Party with My Chinese Class

Christmas Party with My Chinese Class (home made pulled pork!)

Made some great food for another party with home made pizza dough, goat cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, and home made cookies



We learned that GCCjr has the correct number of fingers and toes

5 Toes

5 Baby Toes

and GCCjr had his first visit from Santa Claus


Happy Holidays to you and all of your loved ones.  May 2015 be the best year yet

Jeremy and Winnie
Go Curry Cracker!

The GCC Christmas Tree

All 9″ of the GCC Christmas Tree