GCC Business Review 2020

2020 was our 8th full year of life beyond work. After all this time I still feel it is pretty nice.

This year was a bit more disorganized than most, simply because the year was more chaotic – a global pandemic and the birth of our 2nd child may have been contributing factors. As such, 2020 content was more wide than deep. Topics covered include:

Each year we’ve also shared detailed income and blog traffic data – I always suspected that during a big recession readership and income on a blog such as this would plummet. If there are no capital gains, there isn’t much interest in tax optimization. If you can’t or won’t travel, travel hacking isn’t the most exciting topic.

Let’s just say that I was pleasantly surprised on both counts.


Scared to Death of Early Retirement, No More. An Update.

Enjoying Early Retirement Travel in Switzerland – photo by Bob

{GCC – Since publication 6 years ago of the widely popular financial review for ‘The Bobs’ , people have inquired on social media, email, blog comments, and even in person, “Where are they now? Please tell us how it turned out!” Not wanting to let you all down, I asked (often) if they might share an update of what they have experienced and learned. Alas, they were much too busy enjoying retirement. Until now…}

Happy New Year GCC readers. Bob here from our now infamous financial review, Scared to Death of Early Retirement. I just had my 5-year retirement anniversary, so I thought we would give you and Jeremy has been pestering me for an update on how things have been going.

First off…


Happy Holidays!

Watercolor by Winnie

Happy winter solstice, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all of you fellow financiers and adventurers-in-place.

And Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Diwali! Happy Festivus! Seasons Greetings!

This was our 8th full year of post-work life. 2020… man, what a year.


Joining the Country Club

Since we won’t be traveling for the next couple of years, we have decided to spend our time, energy, and dollars in another way…

Recently we joined the American Club Taipei – a country club style organization dedicated to “camaraderie, sports, entertainment, relaxation and a range of high quality dining options.”

So far, so good.