Odds are that by now you have heard of Bitcoin or some of the other higher profile cryptocurrencies, e.g. Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc…

Today I want to introduce you to the latest and hottest cryptocurrency, Go Curry Cracker Coin!

Go Curry Cracker Coin

The idea of Go Curry Cracker Coin ($GCC) began years ago when we were on holiday in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I was spending a lot of time in coffee shops where I happened to meet a 6’4″ Irish guy by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto.

We quickly became friends and he often let me know that he was vegan, loved CrossFit, and dabbled in crypto. We talked about investing and early retirement / FIRE, which led to long conversations about crypto and the idea of working together on a project or two.

One night over beers I finally asked him… “You’re Irish. How did you get a very Japanese sounding name?” He explained…

“I am not the Satoshi Nakamoto. My name is Wesley. I inherited this name from the previous Satoshi Nakamoto. The man I inherited it from was not the real Satoshi Nakamoto, either. His name was Cummerbund. The real Nakamoto has been retired since Bitcoin first hit $10k USD and living like a king in Patagonia.”

Then he explained the name was the important thing for inspiring the necessary fervor in revolutionizing the world’s monetary system. You see, no one would follow a crypto pioneer name Wesley.

That was the beginning, but our project really gained traction this past year during the Coronavirus pandemic when neither of us could travel and the major governments of the world were debasing their fiat currencies by printing trillions of dollars.

Leveraging the Bitcoin Base

Go Curry Cracker Coin embraces and extends the original work that became Bitcoin, while also solving some of its limitations.

Like $BTC, $GCC is valuable because it is scarce with only 21 million possible coins (same as Bitcoin.) To gain traction early on we pegged the value of $GCC to $BTC at a 1:1 ratio.

Both are built upon the blockchain. Most simply the blockchain could be described as a read-only database. A large scale competitive incentivized network maintains the database and prevents fraudulent transactions. This is computationally intensive (which uses tons of electricity and is a common concern of environmentalists and technologists, alike.) – as an improvement, Go Curry Cracker Coin allows for the algorithm to be updated on a block-by-block basis to do useful work and thus can be rented out to entities that need computational horsepower (think SETI, protein folding, supply chain logistics, data analysis, etc…)

This makes Go Curry Cracker Coin off the chain! Like Bitcoin, but spicier.

There are many other improvements (to speed, latency, security, transaction fees) incorporating all of the agreed upon forks. For more details, just read the whitepaper.

Use Cases and Criticisms

Go Curry Cracker Coin has already been used in numerous transactions around the globe.

Recently some friends were trying to leave Myanmar with all of their liquid assets. Rumors that airport staff were searching bags and stealing all valuables in a lawless environment meant that cash/gold/jewelry/gemstones were non-options. So they turned to $GCC as a way to bypass criminals including those in the government.

In another case, people who shall not be named were able to make large purchases of illicit substances in an anonymous manner. Individuals should be able to decide what chemicals they wish to consume, not a faceless government entity. By avoiding traditional banking systems there is no way to track these purchases to specific individuals.

$GCC has also been trending in Argentina, Venezuela, and other countries with out of control inflation. Unlike fiat currencies, Go Curry Cracker Coin has allowed normal everyday people to hold onto the value of their savings.

These types of transactions are not without criticism, but it is up to the people to decide.

I already mentioned the environmental and useful work improvements, but the other most common criticism of cryptocurrencies like Go Curry Cracker Coin is, “what stops anybody from just launching a new crypto coin?”

That’s true. There are no restrictions. It used to be only governments could create money out of thin air, but now anybody can! By being the best possible digital currency, we believe $GCC will be in high demand despite these incursions from wannabe coin hucksters and other charlatans.

Next Steps

Go Curry Cracker Coin will soon be available on all of the common crypto trading platforms.

We are also in the process of contracting with major banks for a $GCC Rewards program – Earn $GCC with every fiat based purchase! We believe this will accelerate the transition away from fiats.

The IRS is also interested, and we are confident it will soon be possible to pay taxes in $GCC. This will be an incredible development, and we will keep you informed as the negotiations proceed.

On a personal level, I will now be reporting all of our expenses and ongoing net worth / portfolio updates exclusively in $GCC. We intend to hold about 90% of our portfolio in $GCC, which at current prices makes us multi-billionaires in USD terms (for whatever that’s worth.) We don’t intend to do anything silly like accumulate resources for their own sake, to make human life multi-planetary, or extend the light of consciousness to the stars, but instead to better the human condition.

This is a truly revolutionary step forward and a historic moment. To commemorate this special day, an image of this announcement will be sold as an NFT. Scarcity is in great abundance these days, but there will only ever be one Go Curry Cracker Coin announcement NFT.

Bidding started at 1 $GCC.

Current price: 3.72 $GCC

Additional bids may be made in the comments section.


The world desperately needs a reliable currency decoupled from governments and their wasteful ways. Go Curry Cracker Coin will be that currency.

Be sure to get your $GCC today. The future is now.

Go Curry Cracker Coin, the official cryptocurrency of Go Curry Cracker!